„Less is more.”
Mies Van Der Rohe
„Less Is a Bore”
Robert Venturi


- A dozen or so photographs have been added to the BUDOWLE and GALLERY
section - the site has been registered for competitions - Vote!
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- New description of the building in the EUROPA and NORTH AMERICA section of the building
- as usual, an additional portion of the photo to the gallery
- more links to other pages in the LINKS section.
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- I've added descriptions of North American buildings
- I added a few dozen photos to the
gallery - I added several records.
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- Finally, the finished probe - Vote!
- I finished the ANKIETA
department - I added to the BUDOWLE
department - I added some photos to the gallery.
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- Small graphic patches accelerating the loading of
pages - I added a short video to the FILES section
- I changed the button (you can see it in the upper left corner, if you want, you can place it on your website :-))
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From today, the website begins its activity. For now, in this service you will find the following sections:
BUILDINGS - photos and descriptions of the building
RECORDS - selected the most interesting Guinness records
HIGHEST - chronological combination of the highest buildings
GALLERY - dozens of interesting photographs
ARTYKUŁY - papers and statements
FILES - today only two skins for Winamp and programik
LINKS - links to sites about buildings
ANKIETA - fill in (department in the construction phase)
GUEST BOOK - type in or see what others have written
ABOUT THE AUTHOR - something about me.
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In our database we have:
described buildings
from countries
having reviews
gathered photos
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