Why is it worth living in Szczecin?

Contrary to the widespread tendency of depopulation of cities, the number of inhabitants of Szczecin is growing every year. The city has many advantages and stands out against other well-developed agglomeration or beautiful landscapes.

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This is the reason why more and more people are choosing to build in Szczecin house . So let's know that the list of reasons to live here is really long.

When looking for a place to live for a lifetime, many people look around for a point of entry that will allow them to make such an important decision. As in many cases houses are bought in a situation where we already have a permanent job and plan to start a family, we look for offers from the city in which we currently live. The main reason for this is, of course, work. Unfortunately, such thinking is not always right, especially when we are not completely sure that we will manage to stay in one and the same company for several decades. This is the reason why it is worth considering the move out to the larger city of Szczecin.

Big cities more popular
Without a doubt, a large city is a whole lot of possibilities. Already during their studies many people decide to choose cities such as Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław or Szczecin. It is the capitals of the provinces that are the largest groups of young people. Students begin to leave their home pages to acquire life experience and to educate themselves. However, this is not the case in many cases, because young people very often decide to stay permanently in big cities, or in the surrounding areas.

Why Szczecin?
There are many reasons why you should live in Szczecin. It is one of those cities in which not only students are settling, but also people who have already taken this stage of education for a long time. It is a beautiful place full of interesting attractions and places for the whole family. What's more, real estate offers are very tempting here, and the comfort of living is very high. When we take into account the prices of real estate, it is definitely cheaper in Szczecin than it would be in Gdańsk.

The average price of a house to be purchased in Szczecin fluctuates around 790 thousand zlotys, while in Gdańsk this amount may reach even 100 thousand. It is not different in the case of prices for one square meter. In Szczecin, you can pay PLN 3780 for it, and in Gdansk, this price can be PLN 1000 more.

Strengths of Szczecin are first of all efficient institutions, proper financial management of the city, attractive location and proximity of Germany. All this translates into a high quality of life for each of the residents. An undoubted advantage of Szczecin is the proximity of the sea, which is especially important during the planning of summer holidays. Such a high rating of Szczecin is also a merit of the natural environment, which is the result of a favorable geographical location of the city, as well as a slightly smaller development of branches of the economy, which could have a negative impact on the environment.

Other advantages of this city include:

- beautiful landscapes
-developed agglomeration
- many interesting attractions and monuments
-low level of unemployment and constant development of the labor market
-lich, secluded plots ideal for single-family houses
- many opportunities for active leisure and relaxation
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