What you should know about resin floors

Until a dozen or so years ago, resin floors were associated primarily with industrial facilities, production halls, terraces or utility rooms. Currently, this trend is changing, and floors made of resin are storming homes and apartments. More and more interior designers are introducing them to their projects - and not only in the basement, pantry or garage, but also in the living room, stairs, kitchen or hallway. Year after year, the resin floor is gaining more and more supporters. And it's hard to be surprised, because this type of floor has many advantages.

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Types of resin floors
The resin floor is divided into two basic types - epoxy and polyurethane. The first one is undoubtedly cheaper, but at the same time definitely harder, and therefore more exposed to scratches and destruction. What's more - the epoxy floor often changes color under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, which over time may cause it to look unsightly. In addition, it is a typically matte resin, i.e. if you want to have a shiny floor, you should additionally varnish it. Therefore, this type of resin floor works best in technical rooms, such as a laundry room, workshop or basement. However, the polyurethane resin floor is characterized by a higher price, but at the same time it is more resistant to damage, microcracks, scratches and harmful effects of sunlight. In addition, it suppresses noises, is pleasant to touch (you can walk barefoot on it) and has two options - matte or glossy. Due to its properties, the floor made of polyurethane resin is suitable for any type of room.
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Basic advantages and disadvantages of resin floor
The resin floor is undoubtedly an original, practical and still innovative solution used in interior design. This type of floor is perfect for interiors in a modern or industrial style, but it will also look good in rooms arranged in a slightly more traditional style. The basic advantages of a floor made of resin are:

- durability and durability,

- resistance to moisture (and thus to fungus),

- smooth surface (thanks to jointless construction technique),

- perfect reflection of light (which translates into optical enlargement of the room),

- antistatic properties (the resin floor does not attract dust and other contaminants),

- hygienicity (no grouts and free spaces mean that dirt and bacteria can not accumulate),

- resistance to dirt (stains from wine or oil, it is enough to wash with water and a small amount of cleaning agent),

- availability of many types of resin (matte, glossy, semi-matt, colored or transparent),

- the possibility of using many colors (the resin can be colored in mass),

- original aesthetic values ​​(in the resin mass you can drown various decorations - for example, photos, glitter, filings, aggregates and many others, which gives almost unlimited possibilities of individual arrangements),

- easy cleaning.

Not without significance is also the fact that the resin floor allows you to install such a popular floor heating. An additional advantage of the location of this type of floor is a trouble-free and quick change - the resin floor does not have to be torn off, but it is enough to put a chosen material on it (for example boards). Of course, when talking about a resin floor, one can not omit several shortcomings. First of all, it should be remembered that it is sometimes susceptible to abrasion and minor scratches. In this case, the most important is the sand that acts on the floor like sandpaper and is often the cause of scratches and scratches. Another danger is the rubber soles of shoes (which may leave on the floor difficult to remove streaks) claws of pets (causing scratches) and moving furniture. However, the number of these defects in relation to the advantages is so small that they should not affect the possible choice of resin floor.

The floor made of resin has long left the warehouses and factory halls and is entering the home space more and more boldly. This type of floor gives the room a unique look, and thanks to its basic features is also an extremely practical and functional solution. Therefore, it can be expected that floors made of resins will enjoy more and more interest.

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