What shower cabin will be perfect for your bathroom?

Choosing a shower enclosure is extremely important, especially if you own a small bathroom where every centimeter counts. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a huge selection of different types of booths, shower trays and solutions that will certainly make the visit to the bathroom even smoother. How do you choose the perfect shower enclosure?

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Get an accurate understanding
Although it seems obvious, a large proportion of buyers do not make an exact selection, focusing only on one or two producers. After checking the different options and reviewing hundreds of offers, all shower cabins look the same for you - it's normal. It is difficult to find when you have such a large selection of products from the same category. How not to get lost in offers and find the best option?

If you browse different models on the internet, save the store name, model and its advantages and disadvantages. Create a small base to know exactly what you care about and how the cabin data differs. Why? When you go to the salon to see the assortment, you will have all the relevant information in one place, so it will be difficult to manipulate you. On the other hand, if you find out something new on the spot, you will not get chaos in your head and you will have the chance to add the option to your list.
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Room is important
The size and shape of the bathroom is one of the most important points that determines which cabin you should choose. In small spaces, cabins with sliding doors will work perfectly . Openers take up a lot of space when entering and leaving, so it's much better to opt for this option. A lot of people decide to shower walk-in, or an open cabin, which is also suitable for small rooms.

The most common place where a shower is placed, of course, has become a corner, not without reason. In a small bathroom it is the angle most often developed in this way. Corner booth has many advantages besides saving space . First of all, it is easy to clean, thanks to the fact that it adheres to two walls, and uses maximum space in the bathroom.

If you have a large bathroom, invest in a large cabin. On the market you will find a shower enclosure with shower trays up to 100x100 cm, and even bigger, check out here: http://www.kolo.com.pl/produkty/kabiny- andbrodziki . Why do you need a large cabin if you have to wash yourself standing up? Comfort is incomparably higher if nothing restricts movement. No problem for such a large cabin will also enter two people, and with the care of an elderly or disabled person, such a space will certainly be invaluable.

The shower tray is also important
If you have chosen a shower enclosure with a shower tray, also pay attention to this element, which is often neglected during the selection. The shallow shower trays are popular because they look aesthetically and gently, and the user usually has no problem stumbling over him. Unfortunately, this solution is not possible in all apartments. Such a flat paddling pool must have a place for the drain. So before you decide on it, make sure that you will not have a problem with it.

The deep pool will also find its fans. Among them, there will be especially small children and animals owners. Also, doing manual washing will be much easier in a deep shower tray, and some models have a shelf already created in it, where, for example, you can sit or put cosmetics. The downside of this solution is the difficulty when entering and a somewhat heavy look that can dominate the entire bathroom.
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Pay attention to news
We mentioned at the beginning about the walk-in type, but you need to look more closely at this option. Open cabins have recently stormed our apartments and homes, and this is just the beginning. A shower enclosure without a shower tray is ideally suited for those who value the comfort and convenience of the user. No more to open and close the door, just enter the shower. If you add a large rain shower to it, you have a functional and modern shower at your home.

Speaking of news, it is also worth remembering the facilitations that allow you to clean the cabin quickly and without any problem. For example, a special coating that protects against scale build-up or streaks. It can be used not only in shower cabins, but, for example, on sinks and bathtubs. This is a great convenience for everyone who appreciates the speed and ease of cleaning.

To sum up, how to choose the best shower cabin for the bathroom?

1. Check the offers of all manufacturers carefully.
2. Make a list of interesting models and their parameters.
3. Always have this model base with you.
4. Consider the shape and size of your bathroom when choosing.
5. Consider choosing a shower tray, it is also important.
6. Check if your bathroom will be able to mount the shower tray you like the most.
7. Ask for new products, eg a protective coating for the cabin.

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