What is worth knowing about infrared heating?

Electric heating of buildings is a modern and ecological method, enjoying more and more recognition on the market. One of the most interesting solutions in this area is the heating of the ECO PARTNER brand, i.e. infrared electric heaters. Where is their growing popularity and is it really worth investing in?

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To understand how infrared panels work, we need to know the method of their operation, which has been taken from the natural processes taking place on our planet. The inspiration for their creation was therefore solar radiation emitting thermal energy heating the Earth. This energy is then released into the atmosphere. Infrared panels work on a similar principle. The heat emitted by them is taken over by the partitions and then taken into the room, which provides much more thermal comfort than in the case of convection. In this way, the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the room, making the floors also warm. What's more, using electric heating achieves a noticeable temperature of about 2 degrees higher than in traditional radiators.

As you can see, the use of infrared panels allows you to overcome the problems related to inefficient heating of buildings. Where is the basic difference between such a method and traditional methods? Their most important advantage is high efficiency with a small power demand. The coating of the panels is covered with matt, non-coating insulating layer with paint. In this way, the heating surface is twice as large as on a smooth surface. Thanks to this efficiency, we need a 650 W panel to heat the interior with a size of approx. 10 m2. This value is three times lower than in traditional systems. We will receive such satisfactory results by choosing the highest quality products and services, i.e. by putting on ECO Partner electrical heating installations .

Save on installation and operating costs

So even temperature distribution allows you to reduce your heating bills. Although many people are concerned that electricity consumption will be too high, infrared panels are a very cost-effective solution. The average monthly cost of such heating for one square meter of a flat is about 3 to 5 zlotys. Panels do not deviate from the most economical central heating systems, using good quality heating boilers and radiators. We set a lower temperature on them, using less energy, feeling at a higher thermal comfort. However, the biggest savings here are the installation costs, which can be up to 50% lower than when installing central heating with a high-class boiler.

In conclusion, infrared electric heating is an economical, ecological and extremely efficient method. Perfect for any place where other methods do not bring the expected results. It will be an ideal solution when we want a trouble-free system in assembly and use, and at the same time ensuring maximum thermal comfort. If you want to know
more about infrared heating , go to najtanszeogrzewanie.pl. There you will find detailed calculations, detailed information about individual systems, as well as a special calculator for electric heating costs.
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