What are the right owners of premises for renovation work?

Theoretically, the owner of the property is entitled to use and manage the property free of charge, as long as it does not interfere with the rights of other tenants. In practice, the execution of a number of activities related to the premises is subject to the obligation to obtain the consent of the housing community for specific activities.

A number of requirements impose on the owners not only the construction law, but the scope of duties varies depending on the building's status.

Owners of flats forming part of a housing cooperative are required to obtain permits for the vast majority of construction changes. For example, before: replacement of windows, entrance doors, reconstruction of mixing, alteration of electrical installations, you should report to cooperative bodies in order to obtain consent.

Members of housing communities have greater discretion regarding their real estate, and in a situation where they decide to renovate, exceptions to the principle of free management of their own premises, subject to non-interference in other parts of the property, are mainly determined by ordinance regulations or resolutions of the housing community. Especially when renovation works would affect the common parts of the building, eg in electrical installations, walls located in the corridor, the owner is required to obtain notice of the intention to carry out the renovation, a housing community. Performing renovation works inside the premises of a given owner, as a rule, does not require obtaining community approvals or even fulfilling information obligations. For example, demolition of a partition wall or modification in the form of hole drilling in it is not related to any obligation of the owner towards the housing community (unless the housing community regulations state otherwise).

However, regardless of internal community arrangements, each time the building wall will be demolished, it will be necessary to inform and then obtain the consent of the community. What's more, demolition of the load-bearing wall is treated as a rebuilding of real estate, which in practice also means the requirement to obtain a building permit and submit a construction project, which is associated with the extension of any renovation.

What's more, you will also be required to obtain a building permit to build or modify more common loggias.

Those interested in the theme of the loggia are encouraged to read the guide Balcony, terrace or loggia or additional space of our apartment .

In the light of the above, it should be recognized that carrying out repairs inside the premises, without interfering in common with all tenants, will not be burdened with information obligations or receiving consent from the appropriate housing community. With reference to co-operative housing, a detailed list of such works is specified in each co-operative.

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