We choose a wall mural for the bedroom, living room and kitchen!

Wall murals bring a completely different standard to the arrangement of your home. A dozen or so years ago, they were often underestimated, now they are experiencing their true renaissance. When choosing a photo wallpaper, it is not worth suggesting just by accident. Especially that every room that is part of our house has its own specificity and character.

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Photo wallpaper for the living room
Wall Murals for the living room give the room a unique, often very dynamic character. Thanks to them, you can successfully light up the living room (especially in the case of white wall murals) and expose all its advantages.

Photo wallpapers for the living room should mainly be based on contrast. If we have a large living room, we can adorn them with one of the walls, leaving it in opposition to the rest of the composition.

Photo wallpapers dedicated to salons are first of all natural nature motifs and modern, modernist geometric shapes. In the first case, the motifs showing the depth of perspective, plants and even animals (necessarily in dynamic shots) work well. In turn, in the second case, photo wallpapers for the living room presenting various geometrical motifs (also referring to the shapes we know) are very popular.
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Photo wallpaper for the bedroom
It is difficult to clearly indicate what motives should dominate in wall murals for the bedroom. Bedroom rooms can have a varied form. Otherwise we will decorate small bedrooms located in the attic and differently large, illuminated rooms.

Photo wallpapers for small bedrooms should primarily be maintained in bright colors. Positive, white colors favor relaxation (Scandinavian style). In turn, photo wallpapers for large bedrooms should create a harmonious, cozy interior. Thanks to this solution leisure will be even more effective.

What wallpapers to choose for the bedroom? 3D motives have recently been hit, which deepen the space and give it a specific perspective. You can also think about choosing photo wallpapers depicting plants and especially - flowers (recently fashionable roses are fashionable). The more avant-garde motifs checked in the bedroom are animals, especially birds. Generally speaking, space plays a dominating role in "bedroom photo wallpapers".
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Photo wallpapers for the kitchen
Wallpapers for the kitchen have recently undergone a large metamorphosis. Until a few years ago, they were absolutely associated with ... food products. Today, kitchen wallpapers are much more diverse now.

What to choose? Of course, you can go to the classics and choose fruits (especially dead nature), or choose avant-garde geometric motifs. In principle, both of them play a dominant role in today's modern kitchens.

If the kitchen is decorated in a minimalist style, the perfect solution is ... coffee. The black color of these precious seeds combined with white background is a perfect addition to Scandinavian interiors. A risky but profitable maneuver is the introduction to the modern kitchen wall murals depicting black and white geometrical motifs. Here, traditional "peas" will not work. You can use something more original - eg black and white spatial motifs. If we have a rustic kitchen, a great idea is photo wallpaper depicting plant motifs (especially with a large number of colors).
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Photo wallpaper for a child's room
Wall Murals intended for a child's room should radiate joy. Various color motifs suited to the child's sex will work here. Remember that unisex motifs are not going to work well.

The classic is already photo wallpapers depicting toys and characters from cartoons (especially those known to our children). However, it is worth remembering that choosing wall murals is quite risky, mainly due to the changing trends and expectations of the child.

If we have a girl, a traditional solution will be photo wallpapers with motifs depicting fairies (of course in pink colors). The boys, in turn, will be satisfied with traditional cars. If our children are interested in the world, you can also bet on themed photo wallpaper. The main theme here is didactic decorations, in an interesting and colorful way depicting the world around them (and even the Universe). When choosing a photo wallpaper, it is worth consulting the child to a small extent. A good idea is also observation that will allow us to conclude what our child has expectations.
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Wall murals can change any, the most boring interior into an unusual and cozy room. This undoubted advantage of photo wallpapers is also a threat - especially if we do not think about the end of our purchase. The biggest challenge is matching the photo wallpaper to the kitchen, mainly due to the large number of kitchen furniture. In turn, decorating the bedroom should be relatively easy, especially if we have a large space at our disposal. Anyway, wall murals are indispensable if we care for a beautifully arranged interior, and a very wide selection of them can be found in shop with photo wallpapers - World of Images .

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