Visiting Warsaw with a child - where is it worth going?

While visiting the capital with a child, it is worth going to the Royal Baths, the ZOO and the observation deck of the Palace of Culture. The comfort will also be appreciated by visiting a museum where everything can be touched, which is why it is necessary to take it to the Children's Museum. J. Korczak in the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

A trip to Warsaw with a child - book accommodation
Before you arrive in the capital, you need to look for accommodation so that you can refresh yourself after traveling and leave your luggage without any complications after reaching the destination. Apartments in the center of Warsaw will be one of the better options. When traveling with children, it is important not to waste time on commuting, and most of the very attractive places are located in the center. If the child is older, it will be possible to walk with him anywhere on foot. A toddler in a pram will also be happy to walk more than to spend time in a car seat or bus.

Spacer po Łazienkach Królewskich
Royal Łazienki is one of the best places for walks especially in spring and summer. Then also in the Modernist garden you can listen to a piano recital - from May to September every Sunday between 12:00 and 16:00. It's best to take a blanket with you to sit comfortably on the grass. If the child does not want to listen to the concert in a standstill, you can also walk the alleys, because the piano sounds are spreading through many places in the Baths.

A visit to the Warsaw ZOO and beautiful locomotives
A trip to the zoo is a dream of many a toddler. It is worth fulfilling them during their stay in the capital. In spring and summer, it is particularly nice to walk the paths of the zoological garden. At Towarowa Street, on the platforms of the old Main Station you can see almost 50 wagons of rolling stock. There are huge steam and electric locomotives and carriages. Such a trip will certainly appeal to more than one toddler.

Museum for Children Janusz Korczak
The first Polish museum for children was created in the State Ethnographic Museum. There are exhibitions in it that can be touched, the whole space is arranged in such a way that the child feels at ease. In addition, there are also numerous workshops related to traditions, arts and crafts, in which children and their carers can participate. Museum for children is one of the best places for a cultural afternoon in Warsaw.

Warsaw from above and adventure with Kopernikiem
A visit to XXX. the floor of the Palace of Culture and Science is an unforgettable experience. Seeing a huge city from such a height will be remembered for many years. Another important point that can not be missed in the plan of a city trip with a child is the Copernicus Science Center. This is a place where you can not get bored and everyone - regardless of age - will find something fascinating.

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