Valuation and sale of a flat

When the decision about the sale of the apartment has already been made, the next questions arise: How much is the property worth? How do you know about the topic? Who to ask for help? How to make sales quickly and efficiently?

Property value
At the beginning it is good to take a closer look at the real estate market. Of course, we can issue an ad and enter the price, but it can be missed. And because of this, the sale will be extended. It's good to look through the ads in the local press and on the websites. The key issue is the size of the apartment. Then, take a look at whether it's renovation or refurbished. This will give us some picture of how much we can expect for our flat.

You should also consult others. We can ask neighbors who bought a block of flats or maybe just sold. Another option is simply friends who were in a similar situation or had contact with the sale of a flat. Providing even approximate amounts is valuable information.

We can also take advantage of the free online housing valuation, for example at It is very simple to just enter more detailed data about the flat, ie the area, the number of rooms, whether there is a lift and a balcony. All you need to do is confirm and we'll get the estimated value of the apartment.

Experience and professionalism
The appraiser will best assess the flat. In addition, it will be an important document when selling a flat. The buyer looks much more favorably at the price estimated by the professional. However, in most cases, the interested party is interested in selling the discount. It is good to know in advance which price range our apartment is in order not to sell it too cheaply.

Professional appraisal of a flat is a longer process and you have to be patient. You need to collect all documents. And then most often the appraiser makes a valuation based on a comparison with other apartments on the real estate market.

 - Check: free real estate pricing tool online:
The final stage of the appraiser's work is an appraisal report, i.e. a document with the appraisal of the flat. This is a very important document in which you should find:

 - detailed description of flats

 - given area and technical condition of the flat

 - real estate appraisal

 - along with a detailed description of the course of this process

It is important that the document is signed by all valuers. The appraisal report is valid for one year from the date of issue.

What affects the value of the apartment
Many factors affect how much we can claim for our flat. The key thing is the location of the building relative to the district and towards the sides of the world. The type of construction also has an impact, ie it is a tenement house or block built after 2000. The next criteria are the finish inside. The best effect is provided by the furniture and interior design by a professional. It is important whether the apartment should be renovated or is it Turnkey. Additional advantages include a balcony, terrace, basement and garage.

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Kamil K.
Kamil K.
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Polecam stronę, gdzie można wystawić ogłoszenie i szybko sprzedać swoje mieszkanie.
Bartek []
5 years ago
Artykuł bardzo fajny, takie zestawienie ogólnie znanych faktów. Tylko z jednym zdaniem nie mogę się zgodzić "Najlepszy efekt daje umeblowanie oraz wystrój wnętrza przez profesjonalistę." to są spore koszty a i tak nowy właściciel zrobi wszystko po swojemu.
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5 years ago
Ten artykuł przydatny jest dla mieszkańców dużych miast. Mój brat mieszka w małej miejscowości na Podlasiu jak kupował mieszkanie cena była ok 2,4 - 2,5 tyś. za metr po 5 latach jak sprzedawał ceny wynosiły ok 2 tyś. i nie ważne że wykończone na glanc ludzie w takich miejscowościach na to nie zwracają uwagi chodzą po tyle to po tyle chcą kupić. Sprzedawał chyba z rok, potem wynajął i sprzedał dopiero jak ceny znowu podskoczyły.
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