Transportation of non-standard shipments - come to it with your head

Moving in? Are you looking for transporting building materials, heavy machinery or vehicles? If you are so sure you know that finding the right carrier at an affordable price is a real challenge. A good way to find a similar service is to use the Clicktrans transport auction site.

What is Clicktrans ? This is a place where you can freely order transport of any items - including those that would not be accepted by any courier (such as construction machines). Describe what you plan to carry, give the route and the suggested date, as well as photos (it always increases the number of offers). The whole thing will not take you more than a few minutes. And then? Just wait for offers from carriers.

Choose the best carrier at an affordable price

The Clicktrans database has over 30,000 carriers, who look for orders on both domestic and international routes on a daily basis. They will submit offers under your advertisement, and you can accept them - or not if they do not suit you. When making a decision, the price of the service will certainly be important, but not only it. To ensure that you receive a high-quality service, you can check which carrier's opinions have been issued by previous customers. Before you accept the offer in the comments you can also find out all the transport details that you are interested in. At Clicktrans, you gain direct contact with people who will later transport your load - this is very helpful in determining the details of transport.

The carriage found with Clicktrans is not only characterized by high quality, but also an affordable price - you can save up to 60% compared to the market price of a similar service. How is this possible? Above all thanks to the top-up option. Carriers on the site look specifically for orders for routes, which will travel anyway (or for return routes). If this is how you will find your parcel, it will be only a part of their cargo - thanks to this you will save on the service and the carrier will earn extra money.

Comfortable transport (almost) of everything

What loads can you order for Clicktrans? Any - the website has a wide range of ads in such categories as: Cars, Pallets, Motorcycles and scooters, Machines and devices, Loads, Furniture, Boats or Removals. Among over 30,000 carriers from Poland and all over Europe, you will certainly find specialists in the type of shipment you need to carry. In addition to efficient transport, you also gain access to professional knowledge. You are not sure how best to prepare the cargo for transport? Ask carriers in the comments - they are happy to share similar knowledge, because a properly secured shipment also facilitates their work.

The Clicktrans service was created in 2010 and has not been dynamically developing over the past eight years. In addition to the website dedicated to Polish clients, it also runs customer services on Great Britain , Spain and Germany . If for any reason you decide to transport your cargo yourself, please visit the company blog - there are many practical tips on how to transport different types of cargo.

Take advantage of Clicktrans and see how much you save on transport!
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Adrianna []
4 years ago
Firma w której pracuje zajmuje się produkcją mebli i bardzo często korzystamy z usług tego portalu, tylko nie szukamy transportu a sami go oferujemy. Mamy duże firmowe auto i czasami jak wieziemy meble do klienta to mamy jeszcze sporo wolnego miejsca. Dzięki Cliktrans możemy je udostępnić a co za tym idzie zmniejszyć nasze koszty.
MarcinD []
4 years ago
Super sprawa ten portal, ja zamówiłem rogówkę po drugiej stronie kraju, nie było by problemu z dostawą gdyby nie to, że nie miałem możliwości załatwić kogoś do wniesienia na 2 piętro. Wystawiłem na Clicktrans i zgłosił się facet, który akurat wiózł meble w moją okolicę ze swoją ekipą. Przywieźli i wnieśli.
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