They have been with us for over a hundred years

Nearly seven thousand - we have so many gas stations in Poland, on each of them at least a few fuel distributors, it gives several thousand places throughout the country in which car owners can refuel their vehicles.

Fuel stations still alive
Despite the fact that renewable energy sources play an increasingly important role in today's world, then what drives the majority of motor vehicles are traditional fuels - gasoline, diesel oil and LPG. The history of gas stations has already been over one hundred years, of course, petrol stations have evolved very strongly all this time, especially in Poland when we compare today's stations with old CPN stations. Currently, the place where we refuel four wheels is not only identified with the fuel itself, no less is the environment in which the customer purchases, as well as fuel distributors that are an inseparable element of each station. Nowadays owners of the largest gas stations are well aware of how customers buy their products. More and more attention is paid to the cleanliness prevailing both at the station itself and in its toilets. Another important aspect of each gas station is the company's branding itself, its logo, or the color used in the advertising message, that is, generally speaking, all aspects of marketing that affect how we perceive the service station as a brand.

Most forgotten
We already have a general knowledge of what the gas station itself is and how it evolved, but the station itself has one almost unchanged, though remaining in the shadow of modern car washes or more and more sophisticated snacks, and to be even more precise device. It is a fuel distributor. Once it was the central part of the station, it focused on the consumer's attention. Today, although apparently it is not such an important and distinctive element of the station, it plays a key role. Why is it like that? In order to answer this question, it is enough to trace the purchase path of the consumer of the gas station. The goal of almost every driver visiting a gas station is to refuel. Imagine a driver who enters the station, gets out of the car and ... reaches for the fuel distributor !. This device is the first element of the station with which the customer makes contact, and how important is the first impression not only in marketing activities but also in everyday life you do not need to convince anyone. It is through the distributor that the client makes his own opinion about our station. Another important function of this device is the fact that it has a significant impact on the most important aspect at the station, which is the safety of customers, the employees themselves and the entire environment around the service station.

Fuel distributors not only at the station
Most of us are almost convinced that fuel pumps can only be found at gas stations, Nothing more wrong! Of course, those that are used at the petrol stations are a great majority, but we can also find them outside of them. Fuel distributors are also widely used in industry or construction. Most construction machines need fuel and driving them to the station, for obvious reasons could be a bit cumbersome, which is why in such places mobile pumps are needed which will be able to ensure the continuity of the entire construction or production. So we see that fuel distributors play a significant role in the lives of almost all of us. These seemingly insignificant devices are able to influence not only the consumer choices of customers, but also can take care of our and our relatives' safety, it is worth remembering when we once again visit the station and reach for one of the fuel distributors.

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