The sale of apartments does not fall, and the bull market is in the best

The housing market is not slowing down. The growing interest concerns every segment - the secondary and primary market, smaller apartments on the outskirts of Warsaw and luxury apartments in the center of the capital.
The business climate is developing at its best, as is the unrelenting bull market. One of the indicators of a perfect situation on the housing market may be data presented by the Central Statistical Office, in which we can observe a dynamic growth of the housing market in each of its aspects, analyzing its situation year by year.

Statistics of the Central Statistical Office impose undemanding optimism
One of the most interesting information is the increase in housing sales by around 10% y / y. The commencement of the construction of subsequent investments increased by more than 22% year-on-year. What's more, in 2017, 25% more building permits were issued than last year.

Developers are not idle and with such favorable conditions their increased activity can be seen in the palm of your hand. It resulted in 13% more sales of flats y / y and 28% more started construction. Let us remind you that the positive indicators presented by the Central Statistical Office apply to each housing category - both standard and most popular premises, as well as apartments in top class investments - such as skyscraper Cosmopolitan at Twarda 4 , or building at ulica Złota 44 in Warsaw.

Who buys and how financially?
Interesting information about customers and forms of purchase of flats was provided by the National Bank of Poland. According to NBP, in Q2 2017, in the six largest cities in our country, the level of sales of flats from the primary market was exceeded in relation to the peak from the previous cycle. Interestingly, over 63% of all housing transactions in the primary market were concluded for cash. Nevertheless, the interest in external financing is growing intensively with the help of housing loans. - increase in the conclusion of agreements for housing loans in Q2 amounted to 6% y / y. Estimates of the Polish Bank Association indicate that in 2017, the number of loan agreements will be around 200,000, and their total value will exceed PLN 40 billion.

Which premises are the most popular?
An interesting fact is the relation of the form of financing and location as well as the area of ​​purchased apartments. Premises bought further from the center and those with a larger area are definitely more often bought thanks to loan financing. Similarly, investors are more likely to buy smaller apartments for cash and located closer to the center. Lower-standard flats and premises for major refurbishment enjoy greater interest. At the same time, the interest in premium investments placed in apartment buildings and restored, prestigious tenements is methodically growing. These types of premises are adapted to the most demanding and affluent investors. Premium investments in relation to the entire market still remain a niche, and thus a sought-after and desired product - despite the limited supply and very high price.

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