The role of lighting in interior design

Technological development and modern design in interior design have made lighting in our homes particularly important. It is said about building interior architecture with light or, in other words, that properly selected lighting sculpts the interior of our house. Indeed, all this is true. The times when each room was compulsorily equipped with a lamp or chandelier suspended in the center of the room were gone. Today, lighting of rooms is much more diverse, richer, more interesting and most importantly, adapted to the function of the room, as well as the taste and mood of the user.

The variety of lamps and the type of lighting in our homes is favored by a wide range of lighting manufacturers. They offer, among others:

- desk, floor, hanging lamps, wall lamps, plafonds,
- LED lighting, halogens, fluorescent lamps,
- lamps emitting warm, neutral or cold light,
- ceiling or surface-mounted lamps and many, many more.

The richness of the offer gives customers and decorators a wide range of possibilities. Lighting beyond its basic, functional role begins to perform in the room also many other functions.

What is the guideline when planning lighting at home?
Here are some aspects to consider. The most important are the needs of residents, the style of their life and individual tastes and preferences. We know that what one person likes will not necessarily be just as attractive to others. The layout of the apartment, its size, as well as the number and arrangement of windows are also of great importance. A room with access to sunlight will certainly be lit a little differently from the one that is scarcely sunny. The role of the room also plays a significant role.

If we plan to illuminate a bedroom, an interior that mainly serves to relax, we should put on a warm white light. Whereas in the case of an office or a room for study, lamps that emit cold white or neutral light will work better. />
In addition to aspects related to the type of lighting, it is still very important to choose lighting fixtures. To make the interior look consistent and elegant it is good to show the consistency in its arrangement. Therefore, modern interiors should have the same lighting. However, classically furnished rooms should be equipped with lamps similar in style. Regardless of the interior style and customer demand, any type of lighting can be found at modern lamps .

The importance of light in interior design
Lighting is a very important piece of equipment for any interior. It significantly affects its appearance, shapes space and determines the usability of the room. It is one of the most important aspects determining the functionality of the interior. Properly planned, it can subtly emphasize some interior elements or distract from those we want to mask.

In open spaces, which are inherently designed for many different functions, eg kitchen open to the living room and dining room, although they do not have clear architectural boundaries, individual zones are clearly marked. Limits are defined by the light which, properly selected for each zone, separates it from the whole, thanks to which it creates a fully functional space.

In addition to the obvious role of lighting, which is to provide users with the right amount of light, it can perform many other, also very important functions. It can be lighting, whose task is to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere, ideal for interiors intended for recreation. Or have a decorative role both in the understanding of light, whose task is to highlight selected areas of the room, characterized by some exceptional qualities, as well as in the case of lighting, which in itself is already an eye-catching decoration. It is also worth mentioning general lighting. Its task is to emit scattered light that illuminates the entire room in a moderate way.

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