The longest sea bridge in the world has been opened

The longest sea bridge in the world was opened in China. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is 55 km long and will shorten the travel time from Hong Kong to Macau eight times. The bridge has 6 lanes and 4 tunnels, one of which is underwater (6.7 km long).

The construction required the construction of four artificial islands on which the pillars of the bridge were located. The amount of steel used in the construction is 420,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to the amount of steel needed to build the 60 Eiffel Tower.

It is anticipated that around 40000 vehicles will be crossing the bridge every day, and special buses running every 10 minutes are also planned. Unfortunately, the bridge is not available for walking or cycling.

The bridge construction cost was $ 15 billion. The construction lasted for 7 years, and its expected durability is 120 years.

The building is called the "death bridge" because ten life was lost to its construction, and probably five hundred were wounded.

07/04/2018     Redakcja

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