The longest railway tunnel in the world was opened

57 km long tunnel under the massif of St. Gotthard in Switzerland is the longest and at the same time the deepest railway tunnel in the world. In the deepest place, the tunnel tracks will run almost 2.5 kilometers under the surface of the slopes.

The official opening of the tunnel included Swiss President Johan Schneider-Amman, Prime Minister Wioch Matteo Renzi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.

The opening of the tunnel for travelers is planned for December, then the route of Zurich-Milan trains will beat in three and a half instead of over four hours. It is estimated that around 260 freight trains and 65 passenger trains will take this route daily. High-speed trains will take 17 minutes to pass through the tunnel.

The tunnel consists of two strands, each 57 kilometers long and 9.14 meters in diameter. Threads combine evacuation and technical walkways spaced every 325 meters.

So far, the longest railway tunnel in the world was the 53.9 km Seikan tunnel in Japan, followed by the 50.5-kilometer tunnel under the English Channel connecting Great Britain and France.

A 410 m machine was used to drill the tunnel, which had to break through 73 different types of rocks. 28 million tons of rocks were removed during digging, up to 377,000 tons daily.

The construction, lasting 17 years, cost 12 billion francs. 2,6 thousand employees worked on the construction of the Gotarda tunnel. people from whom nine died.

The longest railway tunnel in the world was opened
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