The longest hanging bridge in the world was opened in Switzerland

Between the Swiss cities of Zerrmatt and Grachen was the longest suspension bridge in the world - the European Bridge (Europabruecke). Opened last Friday, the bridge is 494 meters long and hangs 85 meters above the Grabengufer gorge.

The systems installed in it make the bridge not swing. Thanks to this stabilization, tourists walking around it are not able to introduce it into vibrations and thus weaken its structure.

The bridge replaced the previous structure, collapsed by falling rocks. From Saturday, mountain tourists can overcome this wide, just 60 centimeters bridge overlooking the alpine Matterhorn.

Until now, the record of the longest suspension bridge belonged to the 405-meter bridge in the Austrian Reutte, which hung 110 meters above the ground.

fot. Valentin Flauraud/EPA
02/08/2017     Redakcja

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6 years ago
Muszę się tam wybrać z mężem :) Widoki na pewno są niesamowite, mówię o tych na boki, nie w dół :D
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