The great cleansing of the Palace of Culture and Science has begun. It will be white again!

On June 26, work began on the cleaning of the viewing terrace. The first stage of the contract with the renovation company from Krakow will last until mid-September 2018 and will cover the clearing of the observation deck itself. This stage will cost PLN 680 thousand, only after its completion it will be decided whether the entire facade of the building will be cleaned.

Previews of changes in the appearance of the building appeared already in February this year. when the president of Palace of Culture and Science Rafał Krzemień informed about the planned renovation of the capital's symbol. If not everyone remembers "The gift of the Soviet people for the Polish nation" was built in 1952-1955 according to the design of the Soviet architect and the building had a bright, almost white facade, which over time turned gray and covered with a layer of dirt.

PKiN is cleaned using hot steam, so-called hydrodynamic method. The company will additionally supplement the defects in the facade, replace the window sills and renew the plaster and painting the ceiling. After cleaning the terrace (which will be available for tourists throughout this period), the decision will be made whether the entire building will have a renovated façade, as it will cost about PLN 20 million.

Fot. Fot. Wikimedia Commons / John H. Schultz
01/07/2018     Redakcja

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