The first 3D concrete bridge was opened in the Netherlands

In the Dutch town of Gemert in North Brabant, the first concrete bridge in the 3D technology world was opened. Although it is intended mainly for cyclists, its construction is so strong that it can withstand the pressure of 40 trucks.

This 800-foot bridge was printed entirely by the printer. Representatives of the University of Technology in Eindhoven explain that its construction uses reinforced, compressed concrete. Work on the bridge began in June and lasted three months.

BAM Infra, the head of the BAM Infra - Marinus Schimmel, explains that 3D printing means less waste is needed to build such structures, and less raw material is wasted than with conventional mold filling technologies, and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

Just 8 meters long the bridge connected the local roads N605 and N272.

Zdjęcia: BAM Infra
26/11/2017     Redakcja

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6 years ago
40 ciezarowek? jakos mi sie nie chce wierzyc...
6 years ago
To teraz tylko czekać na dom, lub wieżowiec wydrukowany na drukarce 3D :D bo samochód, to juz chyba gdzieś słyszałem ostatnio, że już wydrukowali :)
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