The entrance door, or the way for a thief. How to choose an entrance door?

What to look for when choosing a door, both for a new home and when replacing an old model with a new one? Which parameters will be important when we choose external doors? Read on to find answers to questions that are extremely important for every home owner!

Secure doors ... that is, what?
Through online stores with interior design articles, you can familiarize yourself with the various door models, whose example offer can be checked here: . In this article you will learn, among other things, the advantages of having anti-theft security in the door, and also find out why good doors affect the amount of insurance. At the end, we will focus on presenting the advantages of the most prestigious exterior doors available on the market, which are made of precious wood species.

Threat protection: efficiency above all
Doors with anti-burglary security are nowadays not so much a luxury available to a few, but rather an unpleasant necessity, which must be counted whenever we want to protect the most valuable items in the home. It can not be concealed that, according to the ancient truth, "the opportunity is making a thief", and the more valuable products we keep in homes, the more we should care about their proper protection. For this reason, it is not worth saving on security.

First of all: door handles
The entrance door is not equipped with standard door handles available in internal doors for a simple reason - they are easy to dismantle. Additionally, it should be remembered that all handles equipped with screws visible from the outside will be child's play to drill for a thief equipped even with a basic package of tools. The exposed patent insert is associated with the risk of tearing it away. In a decent door it should therefore be hidden.

Second: castles
Good door locks can be one of the hardest nuts to crack even for experienced thieves who have successfully completed "works" on their account. Doors equipped with many bolts at several castles will be an effective barrier for anyone who lurks for our property. An additional security feature is locking using bolts sliding into the openings of the door frames at the top, bottom and sides of the door, which particularly effectively blocks the installation from balancing. High class doors are also equipped with bolted hinges.

Third: electronics
Although in Polish homes, doors opened without the use of keys are still a relatively new idea, this solution in the west is gaining more and more supporters. Many manufacturers offer not only a central lock (all doors in the house opened with a single key), but also opening with the remote control, and even through ... a fingerprint factor. Such solutions belong to the last fashion cries on the market of security products.

Wooden exterior doors - elegant and secure
When selecting the entrance door, pay attention not only to the security, but also the raw material from which they were made. The most popular remains invariably metal, but the wooden entrance door will be much more prestigious. The materials from which they are made are mainly wood from deciduous plant species: oak or mahogany. Coniferous trees: pine or spruce are also popular. Due to the relatively low sensitivity of wood to temperature changes, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Wooden exterior doors: why will they be expensive?
As external doors, however, they may be quite expensive due to the necessity to use additional anti-burglary safeguards, which in the woodworking technology are relatively difficult and complicated to produce. In addition, wooden external doors for reinforcement are covered with veneer made of precious wood species, which further increases the price of the product.

Security and insurance
Regardless of which type of entrance door we choose, it should also be remembered that the security measures used in their construction will not affect the amount of home insurance offered by the insurer. The better secured house, the more attractive discounts and packages of insurance companies will have to offer us. It is worth not to save on buying them, to save ... ... elsewhere!
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