The 10 ugliest buildings in the world

Hotels, stadiums, shops, skyscrapers or parliament buildings - any type of building can be "ruined" so that it can be demolished or at least avoided with a wide arch. Unfortunately, it is not possible to just cover them with a large sheet of paper or to crumple them and throw them away like a piece of paper, so we just need to look at them and warn them against designing similar ugly things in the future.

1. Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea
The hotel, 330 metres high, 105 floors and 3,000 rooms, began to be built in 1987. Among western architects it is called the Hotel of Condemnation or the Fear Pyramid. Its construction has not yet been completed. Recently, however, the Korean authorities have ordered to alleviate the terrible appearance of the hotel and cover the elevation with glass panels. The construction was completed in 1992, due to unclear reasons. Some say that the money has run out, others say that the project contained serious structural errors and the materials used were of extremely poor quality. The building, which looked like a horror movie, was to be crowned with 8 rotating floors and a crane.

2. Boston City Hall, Boston, United States
The concrete building of the Boston Town Hall is another example of the fascination with Le Corbusier in the ranking. The 9-storey, gloomy building recently celebrated half a century. Although American architects have listed it as one of the best buildings in the world, it is a rather negative emotion among Boston residents. The workers employed in this building also complain. It is said that the interior is always dark and unpleasant.

3. Barbican Centre, London, Great Britain
When Queen Elizabeth officially opened the centre in 1982, she called it one of the wonders of the world. However, most Londoners do not share her opinion. It was built on the territory bombed during World War II. It is a raw, modernist building in the spirit of the Middle Ages. Although it is the largest art centre in Europe, it is certainly not an architectural miracle.

4. Torres de Colón, Madrid, Spain
Antonio Lamela is behind the project of the Madrid Scarecrow. The skyscraper is called a local plug because of the shape of the connecting structure? two twin segments.

5. Millennium Dome, London, United Kingdom
To celebrate the new millennium, one of the most characteristic buildings was built in London. The Millennium Dome has the world's largest roof and houses as many as 30 huge concert halls. The world's largest tent has a circumference of 1 km and a diameter of 320 metres. The dome, which protrudes from 12 steel masts 100 meters high, changed its name to O2 a few years ago. In 2012, the Olympic Games will be held here.

6. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, United States
The museum is the work of Ieoh Ming Peia. The winner of the Nobel Prize, the Pritzker Prize, is known primarily as the creator of the glass pyramid at the Louvre. Also in Cleveland, he incorporated his favourite figure into the geometric shape of the building. However, it wasn't very popular here.

7. Experience Music Project, Seattle, United States
It's one of Frank Gehry's projects. It was to become the same tourist attraction as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. As usual, there are many wavy lines here, but this time the architect exaggerated slightly with the form of the building. According to one of the critics of architecture, the construction resembles a creature that crawled out of the sea, rolled out and died.

8. Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
A Celtic-Catalan cocktail that blows minds and budgets away? That's how the seat of the Scottish Parliament was described in one of the industry magazines. Consisting of 10 smaller buildings, it is a steel, oak and granite structure. It is considered to be one of the most controversial buildings in the UK. Not only because of the bold design, so different from the traditional Scottish architecture, but also because of the astronomical cost of construction. The works lasted for 5 years and consumed as much as 414 million pounds, ten times more than initially estimated!

9. Central Library, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Birmingham was recently declared the ugliest city in Britain. It is therefore no wonder that Birmingham has a strong representation in the ranking. The library there is an illustration of brutalism in architecture. The locals don't like it very much, so every few years the idea of demolishing the building comes back. Anyway, the concrete bunker was criticized even by Prince Charles, who said that this place is more suitable for burning books than for storing them.

10. Selfridges Store, Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Selfridges store building is a perfect example of blobo architecture, without straight lines, edges and inspired by the world of microbiology. A large, bulbous structure, reminiscent of a primitive organism, with a façade covered with thousands of bubbles, fits in perfectly with the current.
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