Solution to the stone riddle

A mysterious megalithic building with a length of 30 meters, built of multitone boulders, raised only by handful of efficient builders using levers.

A real stone circle - Stonehenge - located in the English county of Wiltshire, it was probably almost 5,000 years ago and has long been a mystery for scientists. Specialists from various fields in the Stone Age created a huge structure. Usually, it was imagined that Stonehenge had built in the sweat of the moth, russetts and coils of ropes. Recently, however, Cliff Osenton, electronics engineer and 47-year-old amateur archaeologist, proposed a simpler solution to the puzzle. In his opinion, Stonehenge built a handful of people using only props and levers.

Oseton thinks that he is capable of the weight of his body. This hypothesis was his 4-year-old son Lain, who raised his father's Ford Escort, weighing a ton, using only the lever. According to an engineer from Banbury, this technique will allow an adult to lift a stone block of 3.7 tonnes. "This method works, my wife lifted a stone weighing two and a half on the beach with her help," says Mr. Osenton. He convinced his theory of a professional archeologist, Aubrey Burl, one of the best experts in Stonehenge.

Burse was invited to see which nine-tonne pebble with wooden levers. "Stonehenge people probably built the stone age with this method," admitted Aubrey Burl.

How stone blocks were raised.
Cliff Osenton thinks that all Stonehenge guides will have to take his hypothesis into account.

Some fantasus say that stone age hunters would not be able to set huge boulders weighing up to 60 tons. In their opinion, Stonehenge can not be the work of aliens. Engineer Osenton invented a simple method of lifting stone blocks.
1. Three points of support are determined on the boulder by trial and error. Below it is placed on the stone.
2. Wooden and stone supports are placed under the raised stone, gradually increased.
3. After reaching the desired height, support stones are placed under the boulder.
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