Roof replacement - how to prepare for it?

Roof renovation is a serious undertaking. To prepare for it, you have to plan all the next stages. Yes, then do not have to worry about any additional costs or repair mistakes made along the way.

Not only taste
The roof is the element of the building's structure that provides us with safety, protects against rainfall, low temperatures, wind and noise. For that to be the case, we need to carefully analyze our needs, the place where we live and the expectations of all household members. The first step to a successful renovation is therefore a reasonable plan.

Depending on where you live, we will need other functions. In addition to the obvious issues, such as our taste and the color of the facade, let's also take into account whether we live in areas with strong wind, the sea or in the mountains or in the area of ​​hailstorms and earthquakes. Different places are different needs.

Więźba dachowa
Before the renovation, you must also know the state of the roof truss. Weakened by the action of pests or fungi will not be suitable for some types of tiles. If we do not want to replace the entire structure, we must opt ​​for a light sheet roofing tile, which will not load the already strained element and avoid costly replacement of the whole framework. The best solution will be the Gerard system, an extremely light sheet roofing covered with volcanic powder.

Dobry specjalista
The key to a successful exchange is finding a solid construction team. Replacing the home cover is a complex process that is best entrusted to specialists. A small mistake here can end in a dangerous accident or result in hard-to-repair roof damage.

Before signing a contract with professionals, it is worth checking the reviews online or consult with friends who have already performed similar treatments at home. The word of mouth will work best here.

Isolation counts too
Before starting construction, we must also examine the insulating layer. If the reason for our renovation is damage eg through a gale, before the entire process you need to investigate whether nothing has been destroyed by the sharp edges of the tiles. A punctured membrane or foil may leak moisture, which after some time will appear in the interior of the building. Let's also examine the state of ventilation. The roof must be able to breathe naturally.

Blachodachówka - the best decision
Choosing the right cover is one of the most important stages of renovation. A good tile will be light and, at the same time, extremely resistant. It will protect us and our family against rain, wind, hail and slush of snow. The Gerard roofs system is the best choice for all those, which depends on a solid roof for many years.

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