Renovation of the Washington monument

On August 23, 2011, in the eastern part of the USA, there was a magnitude earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale. The destructive phenomenon has contributed to the destruction of many American monuments, including the Washington National Monument, located in Washington National Park. Requiring a major renovation monument, received at the end of September 2012, 9.6 million dollars for repair. The Petrini Tutor Management Group Service won the tender for renovation.

Since 1934, the Washington Monument has been covered with scaffolding, which must be supported by the building to complete the renovation work. The date of the repair finalization has not yet been determined. It is noted, however, that in 2014 the monument may be closed for some time.

Specialists dealing with the renovation of monuments emphasize that each rainfall adversely affects the technical condition of the object, due to numerous cracks in the marble.

Renovation treatments of the Washington Monument consist in sealing, protecting each crack and cleaning the surface. Analyzing the technical condition of the monument, numerous damages were observed in the installation, which is subject to exchange and reinforcements made of steel sheet. In order for the renovation operations not to increase the surface damage, special roads have been created to move the vehicles. Interference of the renovation services prevents intensive sightseeing, therefore the monument was closed.

The rich collection of monuments in the United States must be integrated with a number of activities related to their care. Renovation of monuments absorbs a large part of the country's assets in the USA.
The crisis faced by Americans is not conducive to investing substantial sums. Nevertheless, in order to spread national memory, as well as to preserve historical cultural objects, the United States government allocates colossal sums of money to refurbishment operations.

26/07/2013     Redakcja

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