Rearrangement of the flat in a few simple steps

Even the best arranged interior at some point is commonplace and ceases to enjoy us. Then the desire to change appears. How to conduct it in a comfortable and satisfying way, so as not to ruin your family budget and start another renovation apocalypse in our home? Below are some practical tips on how to renew your apartment at a low cost.

Cozy, comfortable and fashionable - a new version of an old bedroom or kitchen
When you feel bored with the current bedroom design, there is no need to carry out a great revolution and exchange all the equipment. It is worth to think about which elements we would like to change and what to improve. There are a lot of possibilities that will create a huge change in our interiors at a small expense. How to do it?
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Strength is in the details
One of the clever interior design tricks that allows you to dramatically change the character of the room is to change the finishing details - handles next to cabinets, hangers etc. Trends of the last months put on colored metals - again brass elements return in favor of furniture, as well as in functional items, e.g. lamps. You can find them in various forms and easily match the style of our kitchen or bedroom, regardless of whether we have put on minimalist or vintage equipment.

The elements made of exotic wood, in different colors - from intense red to black - become equally fashionable. It's worth getting acquainted with the offers of online stores and visiting local producers and sellers.
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Accent on one of the walls

A great way to change the climate and the decor of our space is to accentuate one wall. You can think about multicolored wallpaper - currently decorative patterns are very fashionable. Let's bet on big plant motifs or let's take off the geometry in the art decade black and white braids. In a simple way, we will achieve a spectacular effect that catches the eye of every visitor to us.

If we prefer simpler and more minimalistic solutions, paint one of the walls for our favorite color - it can be intense and contrasting with the other colors of the interior. Thanks to this, we will easily revive the entire room.

The wall surface, however, is not everything. Consider whether it is worth hanging new shelves on it or adding an additional decorative element - for example a mirror or a work of art that will fit into the entire arrangement.
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Let there be light!

Well planned interior lighting, in addition to purely practical functions, also has a highly decorative role. Even if we do not intend to change the whole system of lamps, it is worth considering individual accents of light.

You can stylishly highlight kitchen cabinets, warm up a relaxation corner with a new, standing lamp with an interesting shade or a splurge and put on a decorative chandelier that will completely change the decor and become the main decorative accent of the room. A lot of ideas for a change, gives modern Azzardo lighting , offering a multitude of styles and forms suitable for different needs and possibilities.
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Window fixture - opening to the world
It is not known from today that the zone around the window is one of the most important in the interior design. Thanks to it, we let in natural light, we can build a cozy atmosphere. A change in the decor of the side space, will radically change the character of our room.

If you want to make the interior friendly and warm, encouraging you to relax, let's invest in fabrics - beautiful curtains, curtains or blinds are not enough to regulate the amount of light entering into the interior and protect from the eyes of curious passers-by, they will add coziness to the living room or bedroom. Especially on long, winter evenings optically warm the space.
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Extras of great and quick change - pillows and covers
Textiles in the rearrangement are not only suitable for windows. It is also worth remembering decorative pillows on the couch or armchairs. Thanks to them, we will quickly introduce freshness and a new idea for the interior. They can be multi-colored - decorated with applications or the most fashionable prints.

This is a phenomenal way to change without refurbishing, we can transform a minimalist or Scandinavian interior into a salon in the spirit of a global nomad or boho (ethnic patterns, braids), and even introduce a bit of luxury in art deco shade (geometric ornaments, stylized peacock feathers).

In the bedroom, we can also think about changing bedspreads - it's a simple and effective way to introduce changes in the interior, without the need to involve large financial resources.
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More greenery and life
The last months in the arrangement of apartments is largely a turn towards eco-architecture. Again, biophilia is discussed, or returning to nature in our life space. This can be seen in the introduction to our nature houses - flowers, herbaceous plants and even mosses, which are now a very fashionable element, used in furniture.

If you do not want to change the entire decor, just enter a few plants, which not only enliven literally and figuratively the room, in addition, will promote relaxation.

A change in the interior of our home is a challenge. It does not necessarily mean a great revolution. Often, at low cost, we can refresh our living space by introducing different decorative elements, textiles and new light. Thanks to this, we will love the four corners in which we live and make them fully fit to our needs and mood, and the house will express us as much as possible.

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