Paris - tourists dream. What do you need to see there?

Paris is a beautiful city, the capital of France and the destination of tourists from around the world. Not without a reason - full of mysteries, charm and unique climate, which is in vain to find in any other place on earth. We will take a closer look at his attractions. The city is big. However, it is definitely not worth moving around by car - the parking difficulties and traffic jams will effectively take the joy of sightseeing. It's best to travel by metro, which allows you to get to the most distant corners of the city.
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The Eiffel Tower

You can not be in Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower. This is the immortal symbol of Paris, a meeting place and a destination. There is an unusual atmosphere waiting for tourists downstairs. And the view, waiting for those who decide to go up the mountain, is breathtaking. Panorama of the city in an unusual edition. The Eiffel Tower must be seen at least twice during the day and at night lighting.
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Notre Dame Cathedral

This is another symbol of Paris and a place that can not be missed while visiting the city. Built in the Middle Ages, it was almost 200 years old. Monumental, dignified and standing proudly on the banks of the Seine, she remembers the great events of ancient times - it was here that Napoleon was crowned in 1804.
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Chapel Sainte - Chapelle

Extremely beautiful, original and unique. Its interior impresses with its color and variety of colors. This is a two-story castle on the island of Cité. Built in just 7 years in the gothic style. Filled with excellent paintings and wonderful beauty stained glass windows.
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Another symbol of the city, next to which you can not pass by indifferently. In its unusual collections, it hides the largest exhibits in the world. This is where you can take a look at the famous work of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. However, you must remember that this is an attraction that requires a bit more time.
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Polaejejskie Fields

A representative alley, crowned with the Arc de Triomphe. Champs-Elysees is a picturesque and pampered part of the city, full of elegant hotels, exclusive shops, restaurants and eagerly visited by wealthy galleries.
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Place des Invalides

A large complex of buildings, including the Invalides Palace (with magnificent museums) and the Church of the Invalids. Originally he was a hospital and a guesthouse for war veterans. Napoleon Bonaparte's ashes rest in the church.
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Latin Quarter

Spacerowa and very appreciated - both by residents and tourists - district. Qartier Latin lies between the Seine and the Luxembourg Gardens. It is full of museums, bookstores, galleries, cafes and places where you can spend a wonderful time.
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Stretching picturesquely on the hill, the historical district of the city. Built into historic tenements, full of narrow streets, cobbled alleys and winding passages. Completely different from the modern urban architecture of Paris and beloved by artists. You can meet a lot of painters who create their works on the curbs, relax in a cafe, watch a spectacle on one of the theater stages and enjoy the unusual atmosphere.
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The Sacre Coeur Basilica

A beautiful church at the very top of Montmartre. Built in the Romanesque-Byzantine style with white granite. Topped with large domes on huge towers. You can hear the deep sound of the biggest bell in Paris (the heart weighs a spectacular 500kg, and the whole bell is 19 tons) and look at the beautiful panorama of the city from the observation deck of the dome.
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Pere Lachaise

It is the largest, the most famous and the most atmospheric cemetery in Paris. Its history dates back to 1804, and the greatest personalities in the history of France are buried there. A walk through the overgrown old forest Pere Lachaise is a nostalgic, full of mysteries and history journey into the depths of the past.
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Center Pompidou

Paris is a mix of history and modernity. Center Pompidou is artistic modernity. It is located in the Beaubourg district. Among other things, it has an interesting museum of contemporary art, a library and much more.
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Boulevard Saint-Michel and Boulevard Saint-Germain

Another, well-known and eagerly visited streets of Paris. They owe charm to cozy, low-rise buildings, charming avenues, full of shops, restaurants, cafes and places where you can relax after a long walk.

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