Outsourcing of business processes: companies cleaning buildings and commercial real estate

In the world of modern business, quality has become a key value. Although the price of services is still of great importance, it goes to the second plan, because the result is more important. This is particularly visible in the sphere of business services related to the cleaning of commercial real estate. These tasks are increasingly taken over by a professional, external cleaning service. It carries many business benefits.

Specialization in business is the key to success, as well as skillful delegation of tasks to external entities. This is also the case in the area of ​​commercial real estate management. It is almost impossible for prestigious office buildings to deal with the tasks related to maintaining cleanliness. However, this is not an expression of the lack of concern for her. On the contrary - a professional cleaning company guarantees the highest quality of service delivery.

Is the cleaning service cheap and good?

In order to answer such a question, it is worth considering at the outset how the work performed by cleaning company such as, for example, DC Premium System . Contrary to appearances, the tasks associated with maintaining cleanliness in a multi-storey building, in which many entities are based, is not simply sending a host of random people with buckets and mops in the palm of your hand.

Why? Because when cleaning commercial interiors, both the quality of workmanship and the perfect cleanliness of all the corners are important - but also the quality in the area of ​​professional service. Therefore, the point is to keep the cleaning team employees discreet, cultivated and work confidentially. They must also be people who can be trusted - in the offices there is a lot of valuable equipment as well as confidential documentation.

The second aspect is technology. Although the proverbial mops and buckets can appear in the inventory of the cleaning team, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Professional industrial chemistry - adapted to the specificity of cleaned surfaces, modern cleaning equipment ... it's all an investment that a cleaning company must make before it enters the market. What's more, it is not a one-off expense - the use of accessories generates another cost.

So what about the price of such services? In the case of a cleaning service, "cheapest" does not always mean "the best". It is worth taking a look at the rates themselves and their attitude to the quality of services offered.

Cleaning services at the highest level increase the prestige of commercial properties

Image is one of the key elements that affect the effectiveness of business activities. It is particularly important for office buildings and other commercial real estate. Of course, the location, standard of finishing and technological facilities as well as facilities offered to tenants are the most important in their case. The cleanliness of the premises, however, is also extremely important.

Even the smallest shortcomings in this aspect can make the landlord change the address of your company - especially that new commercial real estate in cities such as Warsaw and Poznań arise like mushrooms in the rain. That is why the choice of contractor for cleaning services should be thought out and based on the quality of services, and not just on their price.
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