Maintenance-free devices that will protect your home from flooding or gas leaks

Probably not many people know what they are and what electrovalves are for, and most probably most of us do not realize how often they can help in everyday life. In order to dispel any doubts and to supplement knowledge about the electrovalves that are irreplaceable in many areas of life, we present basic information about them.

Unmanned devices
Electrovalves, also called solenoid valves, are used to shut off or control the transmission of liquid or gas media. They are electrically controlled, and thanks to the electromagnetic field that transmits an electrical signal, it is possible to change the position of the valve. The control element of this device is the electromagnetic coil. The solenoid valves are characterized by a rather complicated construction, thanks to which they are practically trouble-free.

Different types of solenoid valves
Elektrozawory w are one-way devices, i.e. the medium in them flows only in one direction. Solenoid valves differ in the number of flow paths (2-way, 3-way, multi-way), operating time, and the pressure level during their work. Electrovalves can also be distinguished in terms of the type of medium that flows through them, namely they are, among others, the most common valves for water and gas, as well as steam or oil.

Critical installations in every home
In today's home alarm systems, some automation functions are used more and more often, which most often concern the control of gates, lighting or window blinds. Forget about proper protection of such important home systems as water and gas installations. Autonomous, maintenance-free solenoid valves are used for this purpose, which are able to recognize the fault in the installation much more quickly and counteract it effectively than in the case of manually operated valves.

Protection against flooding or gas leakage
The solenoid valves can work perfectly with the intelligent home system. Thanks to this, they are able to effectively secure the building even during the absence of its residents. The solenoid valves are able to detect even the smallest leaks in the water system or the smallest leak in the gas system. Their biggest advantage is extremely effective and efficient control of media flow in installations and at the same time practically failure-free operation even during very intensive use. After detecting a water leak from the installation, the alarm control panel will turn off the solenoid valve, thus shutting off the water supply. The same applies in the case of a gas leak. The installed methane or LPG gas detector will send to the control panel a signal of unsealing the installation, which will then cut off the voltage from the solenoid valve, shutting off the gas supply.

A home alarm system equipped with good quality solenoid valves allows to significantly increase the comfort of life and increase the safety of all residents of the property. Properly selected solenoid valves ensure trouble-free operation for a very long period of time.
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3 years ago
Od pewnego czasu zastanawiam się nad zamontowaniem elektorzaworów w domu, który buduje. Zależy mi przede wszystkim na bezpieczeństwie moim jak i domowników. Bardzo podoba mi się idea wykrywania wycieków w systemach. Myślę, że warto zainwestować w bezpieczeństwo.
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