Kitchen furniture in spite of minimalism

Although in recent seasons minimalism, white and saving of form were certainly dominant, a very opposite trend is approaching what we already know so well. Deep greenery, crazy prints, tropical motifs sound quite scary for many of us, but certainly everyone will find even a few elements for themselves. We start with the arrangement of the kitchen. How do you choose furniture and match it to the whole?

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Darkness, I see darkness
The decision to change the style, which is the complete opposite of what currently prevails in our homes, looks like a real challenge, but it is possible to do so. It is also not about creating a tomb from a bright and spacious kitchen, but it is important that certain elements are designed to change your arrangement. For example, you can IKEA kitchen furniture in a completely different, less Scandinavian, more intriguing version. You do not need to do real revolutions in the main role to see the effect. All it takes is the magic of colors.

If you used to prevail in simplicity, and the whole was kept in a bright tone, perfectly. Having, for example, white walls, you have the perfect base to change something. Put on deep colors, eg turquoise, and in the blink of an eye you will change the whole space. Anthracite, one of shades of gray, elegant, slightly crude is also an exceptional color. Green plants and accessories in strong shades will perfectly match it to break the whole.

You can also arrange a colorful kitchen, completely reversing the order of things. Bright furniture on a dark, deep wall is a great start to change. Thanks to this you will still be able to enjoy a clean and spacious room, but without the risk of exaggeration when it comes to white. For example, choose walls in shades of deep brown, purple or green, and you'll see how to warm a room without the help of a fireplace.
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Furniture with a small room color?
All the arrangements for the arrangement of small interiors say that it is best to use bright colors that optically enlarge the whole, which is true. Does this mean that small kitchen owners must say goodbye to the colorful vision of their cooking corner? Absolutely not! It's all about skilful play with accessories, light and choosing the right colors.

So if you care about interior design differently than before, you can invest in colorful kitchen furniture, but open up your space in other ways. Use mirrors, transparent accessories, pay attention to shiny finishes. Consider the white walls that we have mentioned many times. Pay attention to the organization of space itself. It is very important not to clutter the countertops, so kitchen furniture should be maximally functional. Deep drawers, cargo bins, hinged hanging cabinets facilitate the segregation of kitchen utensils and tools.

These colors are fashionable
Wondering what styles can be used as an inspiration for arranging your kitchen full of colors and designs? Be interested in oriental ideas for interiors, where color is the main motif, even in the kitchen. Reach for natural materials, colorful walls and colorful accents, and the room will never be boring and gray. Red, yellow, orange, let it be your inspiration.

Colonial style will be for you if you are not afraid to reach for wood and deep colors and a bit of exoticism. So choose, for example, a dark, heavy set of kitchen furniture and enjoy the additions. Display the copper bowl with fruit, interesting cups or tableware. Bet on the colors of the earth, and if you travel, show off your travel souvenirs that perfectly match the colonial décor.

Do you prefer crazy arrangement in a modern style? Nothing hard. Choose rainbow cabinets, preferably let the fronts be in different colors. Use the color wheel to know if your chosen connections are the best. The neighboring colors will look great if you like fun, but you do not have the courage for total changes. If, in turn, you dream about the original interior, choose those opposite each other, that is, complementary. Although they contrast with each other, they still look great together.
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Lighting in a crazy kitchen
Fans of minimalist and bright spaces do not have to be so afraid of space because such coloring facilitates the expansion of space. If you decide on kitchen furniture or walls and accessories in a dark tone, use lighting for your arrangement. Use different sources, do not concentrate solely on one chandelier in the central part of the kitchen. What to do to make kitchen lighting favors the interior design?

- Light up the countertops, table, sink and other strategic points in the kitchen, eg the island.
- Use a warm color of light in the kitchen, and the dishes will look more appetizing.
- The lights do not have to match each other perfectly, put on diversity.
- Make the lamp a decorative element, and there will be no need to invest in a lot of accessories.

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