Interior architecture - what is the work of an interior architect

Despite the fact that many people choose to plan and finish their apartments on their own, an interior architect is becoming a more and more popular profession. If you are soon to choose a university and your preferred field of study, and your hobby is interior design, this article will help you understand what this profession is all about.

Who is the interior architect?
Often when we hear the name "architect / interior designer" we wonder who exactly this person is and what characterizes her profession. The answer is not as simple or unambiguous as it may seem. When we hear that someone is dealing with interior architecture - the first thing that comes to our mind is: "oh you must be good with math !!!" "wow, you have fun, everyday trips to IKEA and the opportunity to eat Swedish meatballs." />
First of all, keep in mind that this type of escort is not licensed in any way, so you do not have to finish the architecture or interior design, nor do you have to have friday maths on the certificate from the first grade of primary school. Trying strength in this profession, the skills of above-average sense of aesthetics and spatial imagination, knowledge of issues in technical sciences, urban planning or architecture, as well as broadly understood knowledge of various fields of art and the way of combining its elements are important.

A number of inspirations can be found on

A good architect is aware of finishing materials, and awakened from a deep sleep at 3:00 am is able to sing all the names of shades of white color of DELUX paints. An interior architect is a person who is creative and great in planning. And thanks to her help, the apartments are designed in a coherent and unique way.

A day in the life of an architect
Of course, without a caramel cup of latte, a lazy yoga session and a decent breakfast, the architect's day is a lost day ... No interior architect said so. The truth is that the day has only 24 hours, and an architect who runs several projects at once (one must eat a decent lunch in the city) must spend most of his time on:
 • Collecting materials - An interior architect like Sherlock Holmes should learn everything about the preferences of his clients. What they like, what they do not, how they live, what they want, etc. In order not to be so straight, it often happens to enter the apartment with a meter and a rangefinder to check every angle of m4.
 • Searching for Inspiration - Internet, magazines, interior catalogs, shops, TV programs, films and blogs are places where you can get inspired by interior architecture trends. The professional can find inspiration even during the morning walk with his dog.
 • Designing - the architect's 15-hour fun takes place here. Sitting at a desk and creating a project is very time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. The ability to handle special programs and all kinds of equipment is very important and important in this profession.
 • Consultations - a good interior architect consults his projects with his clients. Well, if it hits people who trust and are open to change and any suggestions. Worse, if the client is stubborn, hesitant and closed for good advice or suggestions
 • Rendering visualizations - in other words, laughing through tears. Complicated visualizations can render up to several hours. The professional, however, knows that the second laptop is a necessary thing.

To sum up ...
Interior design is a heavy piece of bread and not everyone will find it in this profession. However, if you think that you have the above-mentioned features, it is worth considering the possibility of this type of career. Although studies are not a requirement, it is good to decide on them. This will allow you to acquire solid and extensive knowledge that will facilitate your work in the profession and help you improve your valuable skills and acquire new ones.

However, if you work in this profession, what would you add to the article to make readers aware of the hardships of interior design?

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4 years ago
Współpracowaliśmy w czasie realizacji kilku zleceń z projektantami wnętrz i muszę przyznać że o wiele łatwiej się z nimi dogadać niż z na przykład takim zwykłym klientem, któremu wszystko trzeba tłumaczyć. Projektanci wiedzą już ci i jak.
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