Interest relief in PIT for 2017 - for home builders and more

The joy of buying a home is often associated with a sad obligation to repay the installments for a mortgage loan. The decision to sign a loan agreement affects our lives over the next dozen or so years. Persons who have taken out a loan to buy a flat or build a house by the end of 2006, have the right to continue deducting interest on that loan under purchased rights. Interest relief is granted to persons who between January 1, 2002 and January 1, 2007 received a loan entitling to deduct interest under this allowance, but no longer than until 2017. How to settle PIT to write off interest on a loan to buy a home? If the taxpayer does it for the first time, the annual PIT calculation for 2017 on the PIT-37 declaration but also the PIT-36, PIT-28 or, in addition to the PIT-D annex, should contain the attached completed PIT 2K. In the following years, it is enough to attach PIT-D.

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Pit for 2017 - how to settle ePIT? step by step
Polish taxpayers no longer have a problem using the computer to complete their annual tax return. The number of e-pitches submitted online has increased since it is possible without the need to submit an electronic qualified signature. As electronic tax declarations, we can send to the tax office: PIT 16A, PIT 19A, PIT 28, PIT 36, PIT 36L, PIT 37 and PIT 38. As we mentioned, the settlement of PIT 2017 including interest relief is possible on PIT-37 but also on PIT-36 and PIT-28, also in electronic version.

Step one - collect the necessary data.
Before proceeding with the calculation of personal income tax for 2017, (which will help us with the program for settling PIT 2017, e.g. Easy taxes ), we need to collect data that will enable it, and this is: information about the amount of revenue we obtained in 2017 (eg received from the employer on PIT 11) , and our personal data in the form of a PESEL / NIP number, name and surname and date and place of birth. We must also have the amount of last year's income prepared in the PIT with the 2016 tax settlement. This is an extremely important element of taxpayer identification, replacing the electronic signature. Without providing this value, the program will not allow sending PIT for 2017 by electronic means.

Step two - choosing the right program.
The manner in which the online version of PIT 2017 will be settled will be influenced by the type of program selected by the taxpayer. He can choose between a free e-Deklaracje application, which is on the website of the Ministry of Finance and the use of one of the good programs for the annual settlement of tax liabilities. The programs are available on many websites dealing with broadly understood taxes. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the program chosen by us is up-to-date, that is, whether it takes into account the latest changes in tax regulations and whether it has currently valid PIT declaration forms.

Step three - we fill in the e-declaration of PIT appropriate for our tax situation.
Some of the PIT settlement programs available on the web, thanks to the built-in tax knowledge base, help the taxpayer choose the correct declaration together with attachments. They also have the function of a wizard that guides the taxpayer through the required fields of the tax return. The necessary mathematical calculations are performed by the program and therefore the probability of making mistakes is minimal.

Step four - checking the correctness of the entered data and sending an e-declaration.
Despite minimizing the risk of making accounting mistakes while settling PIT with the help of the program, sometimes we can incorrectly enter the amount of income or costs of obtaining, for example, from PIT11. A good program will signal a possible error by forcing the user to enter numbers in the correct format, but it is worth checking before we send an e-declaration if everything is correct. The "wise" e-Deklaracje application prevents the taxpayer from sending a statement without entering personal data and income from last year's PIT. Thanks to this, there is no risk that the user will send an unpaid tax return to the tax office. Simply filling out the form is a half success. What will come from a file containing some words and numbers? In order for a civic tax obligation to be fulfilled, a correctly completed e-PIT must go to the tax office competent for the place of residence of the taxpayer. And the taxpayer should have proof that his annual tax return has arrived there. Therefore, it is necessary to generate a proof of sending the declaration to the tax authorities, which may prove useful at the time of the inspection or misunderstanding between the tax office and the taxpayer. Confirmation of the transmission of the electronic version of the PIT declaration is UPO, or the Official Confirmation of Receipt. Every taxpayer who settles over the Internet should download such a document, save it in computer memory or print it and store it for the next 5 years.

Finishing an apartment or building a house can provide a lot of stressful situations, and additionally they involve huge costs, often paid by means of credit. Therefore, it is worth using various tax breaks to reduce your spending as much as possible.

The pilot article of the project " for OPP", a joint initiative of Institute for Support of Non-Governmental Organizations (IWOP) and Easy taxes enabling OPP organizations to effectively collect 1% of PIT tax.

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