Hyperion - a wooden skyscraper in the center of Bordeaux

Eiffage Construction will build an original, extremely ecological building in Bordeaux.
Hyperion - the first skyscraper with a wooden structure of this scale in France - will have 18 storeys (57 m in height). In addition to flats, there will be offices (4,000 sq m are foreseen), service and commercial spaces (500 sq m) and a car park with 160 spaces, located in the basement of the building.

The total area of ​​this project will be 17,000 m2. Another feature that determines its originality is the bold use of plants on all floors. Thanks to this, the tower, surrounded by lower buildings, will give the impression of a vertical forest.

Hyperion will be implemented in BIM technology (Building Information Modeling - a technology that combines 3D visualization with an interactive database of building information). The construction of the building is very innovative: it allows for large transformation of space during its use. The core of the tower and the first three levels will be made of concrete, while the walls - made of glued wood. Thanks to this construction will be light and unnecessary will become massive load-bearing walls. The Hyperion elements are absolutely original: the shape, appearance, but also the architectural concept of the skyscraper. The axis of the building will become the inner vertical street,
gathering around you apartments surrounded by greenery.

It is a pioneer project also in the field of environmental protection. It is an example of a new generation of buildings with very low CO2 emissions: In the skeleton of the skyscraper, it was decided to use wood - a renewable material that emits 25% less CO2 during construction works compared to a similar concrete solution. Thanks to this, the negative impact of construction on the natural environment will be minimized. A space for social gardens will be created on the roof, which is part of an increasingly popular trend: the development of urban gardening. The building also provides open, green spaces, conducive to social integration. In the inaccessible parts of the roof, wild gardens have been designed.

The Hyperion tower was designed by architect Jean-Paul Viguier. The project will be implemented in cooperation with Clairsienne, Atlantique Aménagement and Woodeum. The construction works are to start in September 2017. The building should be put into use in January 2020.
Bordeaux is currently one of the most dynamically developing regions in France.

The wooden Hyperion tower and the similar structure of Silva (the Kaufman & Broad company will be responsible for its implementation) will become an important element of the recently created, ecological part of the city.

Hyperion - a wooden skyscraper in the center of Bordeaux

Biuro prasowe Eiffage Polska Budownictwo: Barbara Czerniawska / media@eiffage.pl
12/05/2017     Redakcja Budowle.pl

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