How to find a land and mortgage register?

The land and mortgage register becomes one of the most important documents for the buyer of a house or flat. And, although property owners do not often reach for it, it is worth finding out what a book is and why it is extremely important for each of them, and how to find a land and mortgage register for each property.

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Why are we looking for a land and mortgage register?
The information that the land and mortgage register consists of can clearly support the processes related to the purchase of a real estate or plot. Thanks to the land and mortgage register you can clearly and clearly verify the authenticity of information contained in announcements for the sale of a house or flat, as well as familiarize yourself with the specific history of a given property.

In the era of rapid flow of information and communication chaos, it is easy to neglect the buyer as well as the seller in this regard. Land and mortgage register is able to dispel all doubts.
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What is the Land Register?
The land and mortgage register is considered a kind of "business card" and an identity card for a given flat, house or plot. Each book has its own identification number, so there is no possibility of mistakes and finding wrong information. Using the land and mortgage register it is possible to identify a lot of information about a given property or its current owners.

In the land and mortgage register we will also find detailed data on the number of rooms, security of financing or general size of real estate. All this information allows the buyer to sleep peacefully - or on the contrary - withdraw from the intentions of buying a property and making a decision. Hiding the number of the land and mortgage register by the owner is a common practice, but it should ignite the red light when making decisions.

If you are interested in buying a few properties, or watching an opportunity on the market in order to find a perfect apartment or house, you can search for data about a given property based on the address. You can check the selected properties and all the details referring to its past yourself. This is a great way to doubt about the purchase of particular apartments, houses or plots.

Land registers are maintained for several types of real estate:
- Land real estates, i.e. fragments of land, which constitute separate property. We include residential, road and agricultural plots in it.
- Residential real estate - such properties that constitute independent property on the basis of separation from another property (for example, an apartment in a block).
- Building real estate - covering land constituting a separate property - a single-family house is a perfect example.

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Each land and mortgage register consists of a numerical description and a description with the abbreviation of the Division of the District Court assigned for the location of the flat or house. It allows you to precisely search the book by the address, but also by the book number, limiting the risk of mistakes.

Finding a land and mortgage register can be done in three ways:
- using the Internet - as the main advantage of this method is given the speed and ease of obtaining the necessary information from the land and mortgage registers. At, it is possible to find every land and mortgage register based on the address of the property and the assigned registration number. It is connected with a small fee (downloading a document may cost several zlotys), but it saves time or money devoted to commuting or letter mailing. You can also try to collect the land and mortgage register in the designated Land and Mortgage Register Court (PLN 30 for each copy)
- official road - we are expecting a trip to the Poviat Eldership, under which the property belongs. The Department of Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation will provide necessary information and will ask you to submit an application and an administrative fee in the amount of twelve zlotys. Waiting for a book should not take long. The land and mortgage court is specialized in this type of documents, so it is worth going to it if we have problems with a given land and mortgage register or we can not find it. However, you should expect a waiting time depending on your location.
- information from the owner - the owner of the property may provide information about the land and mortgage register, which significantly shortens the time and saves the procedure, but it is not a common practice.
Land registers are necessary real estate documents that accurately describe their state, history and purpose. Thanks to the relevant insights in the land and mortgage registers, you can avoid the disaster associated with the purchase of real estate and learn all the details of the selected property. We strongly recommend all interested parties with real estate or mortgage loans to read the land and mortgage register of each apartment or house you are watching.

This will allow a well-thought-out purchase, rather than spending money on real estate, in which you have to invest a lot of money, which has hidden construction defects or special purpose.

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