How to find a good developer in Krakow?

As reported by employee portals, the increase in affluence of Małopolska residents is progressing. The average salary in the last year fluctuated within the gross PLN 5000. For many people, such earnings and stable employment conditions are enough to make a decision to buy a flat. Deciding on such a serious step, you have to think about many aspects. What to pay attention to first and which of the Krakow developers to choose?

Bet on experience
A reliable developer in Krakow is one that has been in business for many years. Internship is the best guarantee of transaction security. If a company has been pursuing a number of investments for years, we can be sure that we will not be left with anything. It's also more verifiable - we'll find a lot of people who have worked with us for a given company and we can ask about issues that bother us, even on the internet.

A Krakow developer should know the city
The websites collecting investment statistics in Poland indicate that the construction of 175 residential investments in Krakow is currently underway, and in December last year over 9.5 thousand were commissioned. apartments. So there is a lot to choose from. Looking for a developer in Krakow, we can also be guided by how it works with the city. The more investments we find in the portfolio, the more certainty that they are carried out reliably and in accordance with the plan. An example here can be used - . In this way, we will avoid unpleasant surprises when we move into a new apartment.

Matching options
A Krakow developer with a rich portfolio is also a better opportunity to fit a new apartment to our needs. The variety of investments will allow us to choose the one that best suits our needs. It is also a guarantee of modern solutions. It is worth following the location here, and if we want to put on a truly comfortable and comfortable apartment, let's choose the developer in Krakow, which offers the possibility of implementing our "M" turnkey in accordance with our guidelines. It's a convenient and more and more often chosen solution.

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PiotrekP []
4 years ago
Ekopark moim zdaniem jest bardzo dobrym rozwiązaniem, Co do dewelopera to pamiętam że było cos takiego jak Activ Investment, ale oni bardzo dawno demu już sie budowali. I wiem, ze w Krakowie między innymi. O Ekopark nie słyszałem, ale z tego właśnie widze na ich stronie to też mają bardzo fajną ofertę. A jest tutaj gdzieś podana cena?
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