How to equip a bathroom in a shopping center?

Modernity or classicism? Glow or ubiquitous gray? Bathroom designers located in shopping centers do not have an easy life. Designing a place that despite the task has to present an appropriate level has never been an easy task.

The boom for shopping centers, which our economy (and society) has been experiencing for some 20 years, has significantly modified the appearance of local bathrooms. Instead of luxuries, there was an arrangement of minimalism and peculiar modernity, dressed in a delicate, shiny form.

What must be in the bathroom?

Thus, the bathroom in the shopping center ceased to resemble only a functional space, becoming something much more. However, not only the arrangement itself has been standardized here, but also the elements of the equipment contained therein.

1. Paper towel container

This is the element that has probably been the biggest transformation in the last two decades. Previously it was replaced by an ordinary roll with toilet paper, or ... a roll with towels. Today, the containers have a durable casing (usually made of ABS plastic), a serrated edge (ideal for cutting the right amount of paper) and a pull-out roll (just right for cleaning crews).

2. Soap dispenser

This is another example of modernization of bathroom equipment for the public. Dispensers can be made in the classic (vertical) or modern and original (horizontal) orientation. They have a clearly visible and convenient to use stainless steel button, which reduces the amount of microorganisms. A functional addition is a non-dripping valve, a key closure and a window for monitoring the amount of liquid soap. In modern dispensers, photocells are standard, which automatically regulate the amount of soap flowing out.

3. Elbow pad

Elbow Dispensers is one of the most modern devices distributing liquid soap. Instead of a characteristic button, they have a special lever, activated by means of elbow pressure. This solution limits the contact of potential bacteria with the dispenser housing, which positively affects the aesthetic and, of course, hygienic values. The whole is built in a modern and designer way.

4. Hand dryers

Autonomous hand dryers have successfully replaced classic paper towels. The high blowing power combined with the efficient, flow heater make the device work quickly and efficiently. The advantage of these devices is relatively low power (just over 1 kW) and a modern switching system (via photocell). A hand dryer is much cheaper to use than paper towels and - which is equally important - does not leave behind ubiquitous garbage.

5. Waste containers

Paper towel trays are a piece of bathroom equipment that has hardly been changed. Nevertheless, modern solutions in this field have an ergonomic casing that facilitates the exchange of the bag and aesthetic appearance. Typically, they contain about 40 liters.

To sum up, the bathroom in the shopping center can be neat, modern and arranged in an orderly way. However, the final cleanliness and hygiene in the facility depends on the frequency of cleaning companies (and building administrators).
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