How to choose the right cooker hood - guide

Everyone who cooks will appreciate the presence of the hood in the kitchen. Air circulation and the elimination of odors that occur during cooking are the main advantages of having such a device at home. A number of available devices can, however, give you a headache. If you are wondering what solution is best for you, then this article will be very helpful!

 - What are the two types of kitchen hoods, i.e. hood type hood and hood extractor hood types.

- Is it better to choose a chimney, under-cupboard, island or telescopic chimney for your kitchen?

- What size should a kitchen hood have?

- What filters you can find in the eaves.

What type of kitchen hood to choose?
There are actually two types of kitchen hood on the market available for purchase. One of them is the extractor and the other is an absorber. The lift has a connection to the ventilation network of the building, but such a connection does not need a canister. It is also worth noting that the hood, which operates in extract mode, not only absorbs undesirable odors, but also ventilates the room. On the other hand, the absorber only allows the neutralization of odors. The biggest advantage of sinks is that they can be installed anywhere, you do not need to have access to the ventilation of the building to mount the absorber.

Types of kitchen hoods
The right type of hood will help you avoid unnecessary problems. Before you choose the model that suits you best, you should know what options are available on the market. One of the solutions are chimney hoods. They are mounted to the wall, usually undeveloped, and can create a decorative element of the kitchen. Even corner or diagonal models are available. It is one of the most frequently seen kitchen hoods in Polish homes. Alternative to chimney hoods are cupboards. It is an ideal solution in small kitchens, where every space should be managed in a reasonable way. They can be attached to a cabinet or shelf. They do not require connection to ventilation, but they are usually characterized by low efficiency. If you have a kitchen island on which you have a cooker, then you should choose an island hood. Its characteristics are similar to the chimney hood. However, it is fixed to the ceiling, not to the wall, which means it can be mounted directly on your kitchen island. They are the most advanced, but they also have a high price. If you do not want to display your eaves, you have to consider the options offered by the telescopic hoods. Their solid is completely hidden in the kitchen. Commissioning takes place by sliding the bar to the appropriate position. It is worth noting that they are characterized by high efficiency. A wide range of kitchen hoods can be found in the Castorama shop .

What size of kitchen hood to choose?
The principle of fitting the kitchen hood to the heating plate is very simple. You have to remember that the hood is matched to the board, not vice versa. When buying the hood, remember that the size of the kitchen hood must be as small as the width of the hob. This will allow for a trouble-free and effective operation of the device.

Filters in kitchen hoods
The filters have an important function in kitchen hoods. The most common is a carbon filter. Its basic function is the absorption of odors. This hood filter is especially important if you use a canister. Other filters are grease filters, metal filters and flangedin filters. Each of the solutions used has its advantages and disadvantages, but the main function is to retain fat molecules. When choosing a suitable range hood, consult an expert. You can get professional help at Castorama stores.
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