How to choose a lamp for kitchen lighting?

Beautifully decorated kitchen requires well-thought-out lighting. Ideally chosen lamps can decide on its final appearance, as well as the functionality and overall comfort of use. Poor light will lead to poor visibility and make food lose its appetizing appearance. That's why every kitchen requires the installation of several lamps. The light in the kitchen must be first of all practical - it does not mean, however, that it can not be fashionable or unusual.

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Well-chosen lighting is unprecedented in refining the arrangement of any interior. In the case of a kitchen, however, it usually has a purely practical function. Modern kitchens require several types of lamps, including: an even top light and lighting of the worktop. If the kitchen will be connected to the dining room, creating one larger space, it is good to put an additional lamp above the table. The type of top lamp plays a very important role: it is important that it gives uniform illumination that is reflected from the ceiling and only then falls on the rest of the room. This choice will help avoid the problem of creating an ugly shadow, which is created as a result of light falling directly on furniture and kitchen appliances.

Interesting solutions to this problem are proposed by online store with lamps Lampex. The store's offer includes not only functional upper lighting, dedicated to kitchens, but also a wide range of additional lighting. Thanks to the easy search option by means of categories of rooms in which the types of lamps best matching the specific character of a given interior have been sorted, we can quickly find a model adapted to our needs. In addition to hanging lamps, chandeliers and sconces, the store also offers original plafonds, which thanks to their unusual form, bring a bit of modernity and convenience to any kitchen arrangement.

How do you light your work places?

In addition to the top lighting, another important issue is the additional lighting of countertops, a sink and a stove. They are always placed next to the walls, so even the best top lamp will not brighten up these strategic places. It is very important not only to minimize the risk of accidents during food preparation, but also to avoid unsightly shadows. The best form of lighting these places is the use of LED or halogen lamps, mounted on the bottom of the cabinets.

Other options are also sconces with light falling down, placed above tops, flat long fluorescent lamps, or spotlights installed in one of the appliances - usually in a kitchen hood. The very color of light is also important. In the kitchen it is recommended to mount lamps with a warm color, which has a good effect on the appearance of the dishes and the entire interior. Too cold color means that the food does not look very good, and the warm color will give the meals an appetizing feel and the impression of peace and comfort throughout the room.

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