How much do the cheapest ready-made single-family houses cost?

Finished house designs have many advantages. However, one of the most important of them is their affordable price. When we choose a ready project, we do not have to prepare for such high costs as in the case of a project drawn individually in the architectural studio. How much do the cheapest ready-made projects for single-family houses cost?

The house design is an indispensable document to start any formalities and construction works related to having a dream place to live. Finished projects allow us to save time and money, because their prices are several times lower than the prices of projects on request. All you need to do is take a look at the offers on the internet to see that we will not have to pay a lot for the house project.

Cheapest small house designs
When we do not want to overpay and we can spend on a single-family house project up to PLN 2,000, in this case we will have to choose mainly small houses, which have up to 100 square meters of space. Therefore, in a situation when we will need a house project with a larger area, we will have to prepare for a higher expenditure of around PLN 2,500.

Therefore, the dependence is simple - the least expensive single-family houses, in turn more we will pay for those with a large area. In addition, in many offices selling ready-made projects, we can also notice that more expensive modern house designs than traditional ones - the difference is usually several hundred zlotys, but not always. It's worth comparing prices in different websites selling house designs to find one that meets our expectations fully. First, use the project comparison engine - projects .

What do we get for the price?
When we buy a single-family house project , in many architectural studios we can also receive additional bonuses in the price. These include, among others, free garden designs, investor's guides, discount vouchers to be used in various stores, in addition, we will often get a file folder, a construction diary, construction boards and a free delivery. It is worth to see what the sales offices selling finished projects are offering us in the price.

To sum up, the prices of ready-made single-family houses are very attractive nowadays and we can easily buy them at a price below PLN 2,000. Remember, however, that for this price we will have to add the cost of adapting the projects to local conditions. It is a cost of about PLN 1,500 and up. However, even after adaptation, the costs of finished projects are lower than those drawn to order.

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Projekty domów z bali
Projekty domów z bali []
5 years ago
Ceny projektów wahają się od 2 do 3 tyś złotych za domki jednorodzinne. Czasami można uzyskać ciekawe rabaty. Trzeba przejrzeć kilka ofert żeby znaleźć tą najlepszą.
6 years ago
Mam działkę pod Warszawą, gdzie chciała bym postawić domek, ok. 250 metrów. Czy ktoś zna jakieś biuro projektowe, które z ręką na sercu poleci? bo już z kilkoma miałam rozmowę, ale jeszcze się waham. pozdrawiam, Krysia
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