How do you find the number of a parcel of a parcel of land?

The cadastral plot is the basic geodetic unit, which - according to the Ordinance of the Minister of Regional Development and Construction dated 29 March 2001 - "constitutes a continuous area of ​​land, located within one area, homogeneous in legal terms, separated from the surroundings by means of boundary lines ".

The plots are part of the precincts, and these form the cadastral units to which Poland has been divided. Units are located within the administrative boundaries of communes, divided into areas and plots. Such a division is primarily aimed at land registration, it also works with respect to statistics and the economy.

Border lines, separating plots from each other, can be determined by roads, rivers or ravines - these are natural boundaries. If the boundaries arose as a result of dividing other plots, separating areas or carrying out new measurements - they are artificial boundaries.

What does the number of the parcel of land look like?
Each plot, in a given registration area, has its own registration number, consisting of natural numbers. Plots, which are created on the basis of others (as a result of division) are numbered in the form of a fraction - its numerator is the original plot number, and the denominator is the smallest natural number that allows to distinguish a new plot within. When a parcel joins, the new area receives another natural number that has not been used before. It is worth adding that parcel plots may be immovable property or parts of real estate, if it consists of several plots.

What is the identification parcel ID?
Each plot also has its ID, that is, full administrative address. The identifiers stored as digital codes correspond to their own names. The basis for them is the three-tier territorial division of the country, which is made public in the TERYT system. For example: identifier 020304_2.0008.241 means that the plot is located in the Lower Silesian Voivodship (code 02), in the Głogów poviat (code 0203), in the rural municipality of Kotla (code 020304_2), within the Kulów cadastral area (code 020304_2.0008), and the plot number is 241.

How to get to the number of the record plot?
If we know the location of the plot in a specific town, we can use the website. After finding the plot we are interested in on the map, we will easily display the plot number, which is the code of its full administrative address. In search of the plot number, the appropriate department of the State Land Register may also be helpful, which is located in the proper Poviat Starosty.

We can also obtain more information from the site , which indicates not only what the registration plots are , but it is also characterized by ways to reach their numbers.

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