Heat pumps and their application

High efficiency, environmentally friendly operation and low operating costs - these are just some of the features of heat pumps. Their use is a great solution both for heating a flat, heating utility water or even maintaining a pleasant temperature in an outdoor pool.

Heat pumps are one of the devices with the highest energy efficiency. The most efficient of them for every kilowatt of electricity consumed generate even 6.6 kW of heat, which in practice means a very low cost of heat as compared to, for example, heating fuels. In addition, heat pumps are safe and comfortable, and their service is kept to a minimum.

Building heating
To heat the house with a heat pump, you only need to connect to the power grid. If we decide to install the pump already at the stage of building a new house, we can even give up the chimney (unless we want to have a fireplace in the room or no gravity ventilation is planned). However, if we decide to install a heat pump while modernizing the old building, it can successfully work with a conventional heat source in the so-called hybrid system.

Domestic hot water
A heat pump designed for heating water is a device that is relatively easy to assemble and does not require specialist design calculations. Thanks to this, we can decide on its installation almost at any time, not only at the time of renovation works. The pump is a device that can easily supply even 6-person family with hot water.

But providing hot utility water is not the only function. The heat pump can also be used to cool rooms on hot days. It also does not entail additional operating costs, as this is done by using the exhausted used air removed from the pump. The only expenditure is therefore the purchase of ventilation elements.

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Woda basenowa
Deciding to build a swimming pool in our climate, we must take into account the need to heat water in it. But also in this case, a suitable heat pump will work perfectly. This is a way to heat the pool water, which is not only very effective, but also convenient (it can be easily and quickly installed and dismantled after the season). An additional advantage is the relatively low costs of both the pump installation and its use.

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