Giants among buildings

The biggest halls in the world

The Boeing is Boeing The largest hall in America. This is the main hall of Boeing's Everett aviation plant. The volume of this giant is 13.4 million cubic meters. This means that the Palace of Culture and Science could fit inside. The hall at Everett is 641 m long, almost 500 m wide and 40 m high. The entire complex, including smaller assembly halls, covers an area of ​​410 ha. So, to get around the whole thing ... 2 hours.

Halowy wundsurfing
Alamodome in San Antonio (USA) is the largest spectacle hall in the world. It can arrange almost 40,000. people. NBA San Antonio Spurs, but rock bands, often play here.

However, the most famous spectacular hall in the world is undoubtedly the Parisian Bercy. Its main arena allows you to play in each discipline. You can watch basketball games, ice hockey or swimming competitions here. The efficient organization of the basketball court. Because there are also windsurfing competitions and races ... motorboats. The hall houses an average of several thousand spectators. This number, however, varies on the type of discipline.

Poland also has its own giant
The largest sports and entertainment hall in Poland, with an audience of 10,000. places standing in Katowice. The daring design from the beginning aroused the fear of some architects. The steel structure of the building, which has no pillar supports.

Before March 8, 1971, the hall was officially opened, its security was checked by 2,000 people. soldiers. At the command, stamped, clapped, made a noise. The figure did not move. Metallica or Sting's sound, who have not performed in Spodek many times, do not touch it. Not to mention sports competitions taking place quite often here.
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