Flats in Wroclaw - what is the guideline when choosing?

Are you looking for a flat in Wroclaw? Wondering what to follow when choosing it? Find out what to look for when buying an apartment in the capital of Lower Silesia.

Offer of Wroclaw apartments
The offer of apartments in Wroclaw is very rich. The city itself is one of the fastest growing in the country. New investments are growing here, like mushrooms after rain, and there are plenty of people willing to buy a flat. People buy premises before the first foundations of investment appear. Despite the fact that the purchase of a flat is connected with taking a loan, developers are observing an increase in interest in apartments from the primary market . Nowadays, family homes, ie 3 or 4 room apartments, are gaining popularity.

Apartment for student and single
Wroclaw is one of the largest academic centers in Poland. Year by year, there are more and more students who in most cases stay in the city after graduation. Some of them decide to rent rooms, others to buy their own apartments, which become an excellent investment in the future. The most popular student apartments are studios that are located close to the university . If, however, you are thinking in the future and you intend to stay in Wrocław for longer, a better decision will be to buy a larger apartment away from the center, where it is calmer and quieter. These premises are primarily cheaper , and their standard does not differ from the one that can be found in buildings located in the middle of the city. Small apartments are also recommended for singles who come to Wroclaw in search of a job.

Apartments for the family
Two-room flats are the most popular on the housing market. However, more and more people are interested in apartments with a much larger area, which is why developers are increasingly opting to create apartments with families in mind. One of them is the Eco Skala developer, who decided to create a family estate - Osiedle Słowik, which offers residents an extremely rich offer of functional and spacious apartments created especially for the family . If you want to buy an apartment that will serve you for many years, consider the location above all. The restaurant in the further part of the city can become a real oasis of peace and home asylum. Additional space in the form of a terrace or garden will allow you to feel a substitute of the village in the city and will provide you with the highest quality of relaxation. The offer of flats in the Osiedle Słowik development also includes apartments with a smaller area.

Advantages of buying a flat from a developer
The offer of Wrocław flats includes premises from the primary and secondary market. The main advantage of the apartments from the developer is that you can influence not only the choice of location or the number of rooms, but also its finish. The developer status allows you to arrange the apartment in such a way that it best suits your needs. Buying premises from the primary market increases the chances of its subsequent sale with a large profit.

Greater security
Buying a flat from a developer also means more security. Since the signing of the contract you have been protected by the development act, and your flat is covered by a guarantee for the first 5 years . This means that during this period the developer is obliged to react and remove all property defects. By signing a contract with a notary public and paying money to a closed trust account you have a better chance of recovering the entire amount paid in case of any problems related to the developer's failure to meet the terms of the contract.

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