eVOLUTION - revolutionary softeners from EcoWater

Intelligent electronics

The devices have been equipped with a number of innovative features that increase comfort and facilitate service. Thanks to advanced electronics, eVOLUTION is not just about water softeners - it's intelligent devices that significantly increase the quality of life:
- the unique Formula 1 regeneration algorithm optimizes operating costs. The eVOLUTION water softening devices are the most economical solutions available on the market - softeners use even 75% less consumables , i.e. tablet salt, water and electricity,
- intelligent electronics starts the regeneration of the ion exchange bed at the optimum moment, based, among others, on o current and predicted water consumption, at selected times (eg at night), thanks to which the process takes place only when it is necessary for the proper functioning of the softener,
- built-in WiFi module allows constant monitoring of device operation and water parameters at home. In the event of a failure, the device may send an SMS or an e-mail with the appropriate notification, which may save eg from flooding the house,
- infrared sensor inside the tank automatically measures the salt level in the softener. If the salt level is low, you will receive a text message or e-mail about the need to add it. This will be extremely easy thanks to the built-in lighting inside the salt container. The Boost and 500 Power models are also equipped with a slowly sloping tank cover, which increases safety and comfort of use.

Materials and finishing from the top shelf

High quality, durable materials and patented technologies are the hallmarks of the EcoWater brand. eVOLUTION is a new quality of water softening at home:
- stylish design in a dark color and an elegant finish, such as translucent covers in the smallest models and aesthetic embossing , add eVOLUTION prestige and character,
/> - the patented head, which is the "heart" of the device, is resistant to large pressure fluctuations and poorer quality of tap water, as well as reduces pressure drops and increases water flow ,
- attention to detail, clear display and automatic screen backlight in dark rooms significantly increases the comfort of use of plasticizers.

Benefits of using soft water
Water softening at home reduces heating, detergent and equipment expenses. The use of soft water also reduces the amount of dirt, and also protects the skin and hair from drying. Benefits of using soft water:
- even 20% less losses on heating (you will limit the scale of the boiler, which reduces the efficiency of heating devices),
- you will use up to 60% less detergents for cleaning and washing,
- less frequent repairs and replacement of home appliances (you protect your stone heaters),
- less dirts and soap deposits,
- shiny, thoroughly washed dishes and cutlery without stains,
- skin protection against irritations,
- shiny and soft hair ,
- preservation of intense colors and softness of clothes in washing.

About EcoWater Systems®

EcoWater Systems® is part of the Marmon Water - a holding company belonging to Berkshire Hathaway. Marmon Water is a global supplier of water treatment equipment for housing, commercial and industrial applications. The headquarters and factories of EcoWater Systems® are located in the USA, the remaining offices are located in 30 countries in Europe and Asia. EcoWater devices are sold through over 3,000 dealers - professionals and long-time practitioners in the field of water treatment. For more information on eVOLUTION products, visit ecowater.pl.

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