Do you have enough boring walls at home? Come with the structure!

In summer, we are more willing to change the faces of our homes or flats. We have more enthusiasm for work and creative ideas for refreshing the interior. So let's get to know new ways to decorate walls, not limited to a wide range of colors or painted decorations.

The renovation does not have to involve a costly construction team. We can do a lot of small changes on our own, just prepare for it well. I am talking about both theoretical knowledge (for example, how to paint walls, so that there are no damp patches), but also about appropriate equipment, such as aluminum ladders , brushes with the right bristles or a good sealing tape.

Go all or put on details
Painting and applying decorative structures may not always apply to all walls in their entirety. It is often a good idea to highlight details, such as pillars, pillars, partition walls, ceiling beams or extended elements, for example the walls above the fireplace. Such variations will allow for a cool interior diversification, with a relatively low workload and, above all, cost.

What effects can be obtained by selecting structural paints?
Currently, the structural paint market is constantly growing, and the hosts face a difficult choice of a suitable structure. A wide range of construction stores will allow you to choose exactly the effect that we expect. We do not have to limit ourselves to the once popular "lambs". Today, we can easily buy paints that will make our home wall resemble concrete from a loft studio in the attic or wood like a mountain hut. On the market you will also find products that make boring, smooth walls turn into elegant, polished marble, bent parchment or natural travertine. It all depends on the taste, character and style of the household.

Structural paints - how to use them?
In fact, it does not require any major preparation and specialist knowledge. Painting walls with structural paints is similar to painting with a classic paint, however, first you must mix the paint according to the recipe that appears on the packaging. Most often they are applied with an ordinary roller, brush or trowel or spatula - it all depends on the consistency of the product we have chosen.

It is important to remember to regularly mix the prepared paint, because the particles like to sink to the bottom, which may result in uneven wall coverage.

Good luck in renovations!

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