Design errors caused the construction disaster

The cause of the catastrophe at the Katowice International Fair, which took place on January 28, 2006, were construction errors, and not as previously stated on the roof of the snow. Experts from the Wrocław University of Technology, who carried out the expert opinion, reached such conclusions.
The research revealed that the cause could be one of many main, poorly designed, load-bearing elements, i.e. girders, uprights or poles. The reason was not the material from which the buildings were made.
Recall that as a result of this disaster, of the 700 people in the hall, 65 were killed and over 140 were injured. After the crash, three heads of the ICC and two hall designers were arrested.
Design errors caused the construction disaster
08/11/2006     Wojciech Andruszkiewicz

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14 years ago
teraz to sobie moga szukac przyczyn takiej tragedji.Szkoda ze wczesniej sie ni zajeto tym obiektem:-( A to ze teraz aresztuja podejrzanych to i tak ofiarom zycia nie przywroci.No ale coz-to jest wlasnie Polska!!!
15 years ago
Moim zdaniem, to Ci naukowcy albo stwierdzili błędy w konstrukcji, albo nie. Wyrażenie poglądu, że "mogoło być" to tyle co nic.
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