Curtain - what to follow when buying it?

It would seem that there is nothing more banal than a curtain. However, when we are forced to buy it, it turns out that we can not choose. We advise what to look for when buying curtains.

It seems to be the smallest problem, because curtains are generally white. However, the white is slowly displaced from the windows by other colors. Curtains in shades of beige, cream and pastel are most often seen, which does not exclude the choice of strong, decisive colors. Colorful curtains look good both on large and small windows, they can be interestingly pinned. They match decisive interiors decorated in a distinctive style.

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Curtain size
Window size and size sheer curtains are never same. First of all, because the curtain covers more than just a window. It can reach above the window sill, behind the window sill or to the floor. It covers not only the window, but also a fragment of the walls adjacent to it.

The length of the curtain is determined depending on the method of fixing. And yes:

- Curtain on guides - we measure from the edge of the curtain tube to the place where the curtain will end.

- Curtain on a wrinkling tape - measure from the end of the hook (or from the end of the frog) to the planned bottom edge of the curtain.

- Curtain on flex - measure from the bottom of the rail.

- Curtain on the tunnel tape - analogous to the curtain on the vias.

The width of the curtain is dependent on how we want to arrange the finished curtain on the window. If we care about creases or pleats, the curtain should be at least twice as wide as it should cover.

A curtain is very rarely a smooth, unfinished, almost transparent uniform material. Curtains, jacquard or printed curtains are much more common. When choosing a pattern on curtains, you can be guided by the interior design, but it is also worth taking into account the size and the display of the window. The amount of light that falls into the room depends on how dense the curtain will be. With windows facing south and south-west you can afford denser curtains, sunrays and so you can get to your home. However, if the window faces east or north-east and the sun does not fall into the flat in the afternoon, it is better to put on slightly less curtains.

Modern design leaves a wide range of customers, ranging from floristic themes to large, geometric patterns. It's worth to follow the mentioned interior design, the curtain should blend in nicely with the room - says Joanna Dziedzic-Czulak, decorator and blogger of the Eurofirany brand.

Eurofirany is a family-owned company that has evolved over the years into a network of stationary stores across Poland and an online store. It offers a wide selection of textiles, including tailor made curtains, finished curtains, blinds and blinds, as well as interior decoration items, including mirrors, ceramics, tableware sets, decorative plates and candlesticks, lamps and clocks. In selected online stores and online store you can pay in installments. Recently, a sewing curtain and curtain calculator has been available in the online store.

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