Construction of a modern economic base

Buildings used in broadly defined agriculture have specific needs. On the one hand, they are all about their various destiny, on the other hand, about the individual expectations of each investor who knows exactly what he needs. Thus, the requirements for modern steel halls used in the countryside for both animal husbandry and storage include many aspects that are of no significance in the construction of other types of halls.

One should be aware that the steel hall in the countryside is often used for various purposes throughout the whole-year agricultural cycle. The task of the general contractor is to plan and execute it so that it meets all tasks in a way that is fast, efficient and comfortable for people working in it every day.

Contractor selection.
It is important, therefore, to consciously choose the contractor for the hall designated for agriculture. An ideal partner must not only have experience in the professional execution of steel halls, but should also perfectly know the specific needs of the industry. Construction of agricultural halls can not have secrets for him. Both these conditions have been met by the Swedish company Borga for forty years, which has had hundreds of investments made for the agricultural sector. Established in the countryside, it perfectly knows the specificity of the surroundings and the needs of people working in this area.

In addition, Borga has something that most contractors do not have on the market. It controls the entire construction process: from the design, through its own production of assembly components necessary for the construction of the hall, ending. This gives much greater security to investors who are sure that the hall will be made with perfect precision and delivered on time. In addition, our own production means that each project can be individually tailored to the customer's needs. Nothing is stiff and standard. Flexibility is in this case the key word. Not without significance is also the fact that one contractor is only one contact company, and this greatly facilitates the work on a steel hall intended for agriculture.

Types of halls used in agriculture:
Residential buildings

A place intended for cattle breeding must meet a number of requirements regarding various aspects related to the daily operation of, for example, light, air circulation or animal husbandry (strictly orderly or free-standing). In addition, other challenges will be faced by the building, which is used to breed beef cattle and others when it comes to the breeding of young livestock. So when planning the construction of livestock buildings, we must cooperate with a contractor who knows all these issues, because he has made many of these types of halls.


The construction of sheds is a complex matter. This is because an ideal chicken house must simultaneously provide excellent temperatures both in summer and in winter, and it should be very easy to keep clean. The durability of the building, the ease of its maintenance and the possibility of a simple extension, if needed, is also important.

Warehouse halls for agriculture.

This type of hall must be fully functional, so that daily, ongoing work inside and outside does not pose unnecessary problems. Thus, the key issue is a properly prepared sliding gate with rails along the entire length, which will facilitate the placement of loading inside the building.

Sheds and canopies

A shed is a building that lacks one or more walls, in practice it is usually the roof itself, which is based on pillars. Its task is to protect mass materials or vehicles from the harmful effects of rain and snow, but at the moment when there is no need for protection against various temperatures or humidity. Ventilation in the interior of the shelter is controlled by appropriately matched wind screens and ranges from 2% to 90%.

The variety of halls used in the agricultural segment presents investors with large challenges, in which only an experienced contractor who has prepared hundreds of such investments can help it. So let's choose Borga steel halls , put on experience and sleep peacefully.

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