Buildings that heal


The merchant Antoine Bovis. Visiting one of the tombs, he discovered mummified animal bodies. He came to the conclusion that there must be some forces in the pyramid. It soon turned out that the pyramid models can create the needed microclimate. Provided that they have built in right proportions.

The pyramids can be made of any material. At one time, paper pyramids aroused a sensation in which the razor blades themselves. Recently, it has become fashionable to use pyramids to treat people.

Spent stop!
- When I want to recover, I go to the pyramid. Being inside her for half an hour puts me on my feet - according to most people regularly using special models of pyramids.

Many bioenergotherapists are convinced that they sleep in the pyramid regenerates the body. Heals hypertension and hypotension, degeneration of joints and spine. Apparently helps in getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. Also, food products stored inside the pyramid do not spoil there so quickly. Fruit juice can stand several days and does not ferment. The cigarettes stored in the pyramid gains a milder taste, and the cheap wine tastes better ...

Leki z pyramidką
Egyptian pyramids can be found on drug packages. This means that they have been subjected to so-called bioenergization, i.e. for a long time they have been stored inside pyramid-shaped containers. - Thanks to this positive energy - I am a representative of the producers.

A lot of research has been carried out in order to ensure the proper suitability of pyramid interiors. They were found to be really conducive to conservation. What is the reason for this has not been explained yet. We are still facing a great mystery.
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