Big Scarlet Forbidden City

And what's the most expensive city in the world ... What, however, was the most famous traveler the largest cities that is Beijing .

When we went to the previous year, Beijing seemed to be gray and gloomy. In the morning we saw his real face. Many people were walking along the sidewalks, and the real river of bicycles was on the road. Well ... now you can see the city of "Greater Beijing" with almost 10 million inhabitants.

A huge number of bicycles is going hand in hand with a large mass of cars. Imagine traffic jams in the rush hour. We are standing on the Tiananmen square Tian - "Heavenly Peace" against the Winter Palace Mao Zedong (MaoTse Tung) , and in the background there is his mausoleum.

The Imperial Palace is a fantastic "city in a city", a huge building with many buildings. Imperial City - Huang Cheng is North City - Nei Cheng and South Wei Cheng . During the reign of the last emperor, Hsuang Tung (Pu Yi) was called the "Forbidden City" - Zijin Cheng . We go past three representative buildings in which imperial ceremonies took place. The throne room of the palace is a dark "strange" room. The imperial thrusters in the world, which is a symbol of longevity in China. The figures of lions and dragons guard the entrance to the pavilions. At the entrance to the Palace of Middle Harmony , there is a huge stone sculpture between the stairs.

Ming dynasty and was an imperial residence until 1912, the twentieth century has no electricity in it, but instead is old Chinese technology for underfloor heating . "The Palace Scarlet Forbidden City". The "Scarlet Forbidden City". There are many people in the tourist crowd.

Our guardian Ssu Ling indicates a group of young people who were turned out to be members of Chinese Writers. Readership in China is a great place to be able to meet a person with a "nose in the book" even our Chinese schoolmates in Hangzhou were rarely seen without a book. In China, if someone publishes two books, he is accepted into the group. In addition, he is still entitled to an author's fee.
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