Before we start building a house - what to remember?

The day has come, we decided to build a house. We are determined to do so, we have noted all "for" and "against", in the perspective of several years or months (depending on the available funds) we will live in a new place. The resolution is important because it is the first step to starting a home, but what needs to be remembered so that the vision has a chance to be realized?

Our piece of land

Let's start with buying a plot, but remember that even if it is a construction plot, it does not mean that we can build whatever you want. What we can put there depends on the most important document - the local spatial development plan (MPZP). It may also happen that instead, it is necessary to apply individual building provisions for a specific plot.

For this reason, let's remember that before we decide to buy such land, let's check exactly what the LSDP contains. Such a document is available for inspection at the commune office (sometimes on the website). We will find out through this the most important issues, i.e. what is the acceptable area and building line, what should be the shape of the building block, as well as many other guidelines, which are determined by the local self-government.

Which project to choose?

Once we have obtained a legally valid decision on building conditions, we can take on the choice of architectural and construction project of the house. And here we can choose an individual project ordered from an architect or ready, for example from the site . Which is better to choose? The first option is a considerable expense, even a few dozen or so thousand zlotys depending on how complicated it is.

The second one is an economical variant, in which we can find everything that is necessary, that is, detailed documentation that is sufficient to carry out construction works. What's more, you can make changes in such projects, so we are not doomed to everything that has been fixed there.

How to get connections?

In addition to choosing a house design and land development plan, we should obtain so-called connection promises. The most common term for this strange term is simply the supply of electricity. To obtain such permission, we should apply to the local energy region with an appropriate application.

Official matters

In the next step, we must go to the office to obtain a construction permit in the starosty. We must submit an application there with 4 copies of the project plus a plot development plan. Other necessary documents are an extract from the Local Development Plan, a statement on the right to dispose of the property, promises (there may also be conditions for connecting the media) and other documents that may arise depending on the circumstances.

We can start work!

The last fifth step is to issue a building permit that becomes valid after fourteen days. Such a valid decision is valid for 3 years until the construction starts. Remember, however, that you can proceed to work on the construction site, as it will be 7 days from reporting this fact to the Poviat Construction Inspectorate. We must submit a declaration of the construction manager there, who takes over the duties related to the management of the works on the construction site.

Undoubtedly, you need to get things done a little bit to start setting up your dream home. However, it is worth approaching these actions sensibly and without emotions, because it is easy to overlook something and thus create unnecessary troubles. However, with the prospect that we will live in our home for some time, it will be easier for us to pass this necessary, time-consuming, full time.
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