Anchors, pins or screws? Check what fixtures are used for

Who does not like to tinker with us? When we build a windmill in the garden by ourselves, we are full of pride and we feel like real men. However, not everyone knows which pins or screws to buy and what to use - fastenings and connection methods are various. We will try to highlight this problem a little.

To fix the structure to the ground, hammer or screw anchors are often used. Often they are used to fasten a fence, gazebo or tool house. They are also used for fastening posts and structures on hardened surfaces, eg in concrete or paving stones. If we are installing a fence or a balustrade for narrow walls and curbs, it is worth using the so-called column feet, which is very narrow (about 5 cm). A separate category of anchors are chemical anchors, which have recently become extremely popular due to ease of use. It is the best solution for mounting heavy and large structures in places exposed to strong winds.

For fixing various constructions in hard concrete, brick or aerated concrete walls, special dowels are used. Before that, drill a hole in which the pin is inserted, and then screw the appropriate screw. Depending on the purpose, it may be, for example, a hook, an ear, or a threaded rod. A well-placed peg is very tight, you can even hang on it a large kitchen cupboard for dishes or a shelf for tools, without fear of collapsing. We adjust the pin selection to the anticipated load to which it will be subjected. Its strength depends on the length and thickness and hardness of the material from which it was made.

Wood screws
To connect wooden elements together, special wood screws are used. It is important not to forget before screwing in, especially when using thicker screws, to drill a hole in the joined elements of smaller diameter, which will prevent cracking of the wood. Screws with conical and lenticular heads are very popular because they allow the screw to be flush with the surface of the material. Wood screws are made of carbon steel (they can be galvanized to prevent rusting), brass and stainless steel.

Screws for metal
To connect metal constructions, appropriate bolts and nuts are used. Of course, you can also weld together surfaces, but screw joints have the advantage that they can always be undone and turned back if necessary. They are made of non-ferrous metals, resistant to corrosion or carbon steel. In principle, it is used in three types: austenitic (designation A), martensitic (designation C) and ferritic (designation F). Because they are made in other technologies, they have different corrosion resistance and exhibit different properties. Stainless steel bolts, most commonly found, are made of A2 steel, and, for example, acid-resistant, made of A4 steel. Here you can find more information on this topic.

The Stalmut company offers the sale of various elements for joining wooden and metal constructions. It is worth getting acquainted with the page , where we can find the parameters, properties and purpose of each of them.
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